Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frustrated Fears Make Me Better

Frustrated Fears are the epicenter of it all...
When we know we're capable of doing the best we can,
We shy away for FEAR of going higher. 

Frustrated Fears make us deal with the emotions we long ago...
Swept under the rug, and are now coming to LIFE
And are ready to make their presence known.

Frustrated Fears are capable of becoming our worst nightmare,
Or our BEST comfort,
No matter the outcome, there's still a shiver in there somewhere.

We ask for help whenever we're in trouble and need a fast way out, yet we forget the foundation of what exactly is feeding that moment of desperation...FEAR.

Don't look at FEAR in the way it's normally seen by the rest of the world. Look at FEAR the best possible way you can, with INTELLIGENCE, UNDERSTANDING, and ABUNDANCE.

Let things come to fruition when it comes to your frustrations. It's OK to want to question your ability, though UNDERSTAND  that it's STRENGTH what's going to make you or break you. Rise up to the occasion and share with the world what it is that makes you UNDERSTAND, what it is that makes you WEEP, what it is that CONNECTS you, and what it is that makes you COME OUT as a standout individual.

Frustrating Fears are only words of intimidation...they have NO ability unless you give them the strength and mobility they DON'T deserve. 

It's not an easy task to turn it around, though I can promise you that by decreasing the value of fright will only make you better and help you strive and stand out for the right things. 


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