Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"I Don't Know Much But I Know Myself"

There's much to learn about oneself especially when it comes to us aging year after year.

 The fear of getting "old" can get to us that we start believing that we're forgetting so much and that we're not as sharp as we once used to be. The sprout of gray hair tends to come over us and immediately we see it as "We're so OLD it's not even funny!" Our bodies start to loosen up in ways we never thought they would, and it becomes harder to tighten everything up. Of course, we see all the physical aspects start to take a different turn that we forget of the internal aspects that have taken residency inside our minds and hearts

Usually they say that with time we mature, we get a bit more stubborn and cling to dear LIFE for fear of not living it to the fullest. Maturity does seem to get to us, though not everyone experiences the same amount altogether. Being stubborn is something I know too well, in my experience with it,
there are reasons why I stick to my guns and why I do have a reason for every action I commit, and as long as logic makes sense, why not right?!

Living LIFE to the fullest for some reason makes it all come together because we have this sudden urge to accomplish what we've always wanted since we were kids, and as long as we achieve it, it's all good. 

Throw in a little twist of fate and then we ask ourselves, 
"Is this really what LIFE is all about?? Am I done after this?? What else do I need to do??"

We tend to search as much as possible to find the usual answer and yet we ignore what nature wants us to become and fulfill. That is what exactly???

To "Be" and "Know" ourselves no matter what flaws we have or want to see. Certain aspects of who we become will not be our favorite, though there's a reason why we are who we are. Other aspects will depict a deeper part of our hearts, while the rest will dictate our patience and love we have for those around us. Look at yourself deeply, and you'll find a unique person that's worthy of making this world a better place, and ALL because you are who you grew up to be. 

In the end,
you'll say to yourself,
"I Don't Know Much But I Know Myself"....

That's all that counts!

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