Friday, June 6, 2014


Secrets upon secrets upon other secrets simply create a MOTHER LOAD of skeletons in our closet and a BIG pile of "No No No's" swept under the rug. Should we make the CONSCIOUS choice to not deal with them they'll just get bigger and bigger only to further distance us from what was to be our true nature.

So why is it that in society in certain aspects and with certain
topics we make "Shhhhhh...!" an ongoing trend??

To hide in the closet only proves our constant need for attention and it makes us not worthy of what lies beneath our exterior.

Growing up because I had no clause when it came to what information came out of my mouth and therefore, I was ALWAYS forewarned to watch what I would say and what I WAS LETTING OUT, for it would affect my near and very distant future. 

Of course you tell this to a kid they're going to be afraid to even say anything! Later on into my teens and young adult years, I was so fearful with letting people in, paranoia set in BIG TIME!
This what I'd like to call a COMPLEX ladies and gentlemen!

How do we get rid of the COMPLEX???

By saying what's on your mind and exercising your right to be who you are....simple enough??

Should be and could be, again, should you CHOOSE to do so.

I don't believe there's anything wrong with sharing with others who you are, let alone the person you've become. The opinions exist whether you say something or you don't, for as we know, this world is full of them, whether you turn to the LEFT or to the RIGHT! Yet they only hurt when they mean something, in most cases,
it's best to let them enforce who you are instead of tearing you down.

It's best to EXIST rather than NOT...
therefore, no more "Shhhhhh!" and LIVE LIFE!

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