Thursday, December 4, 2014


Never Say Never.

Never means Never.

Never leads to Never.

Like the rain, it NEVER means to do us any harm...if anything it comes around to cleanse and nourish what is dry.

Above it all as humans we are meant to make memories in LIFE and are meant to pave the way for others to come in and follow our lead. Yet we make it difficult at times to allow others into our world for FEAR that we will ONE DAY be forgotten. It's NEVER meant to be that way, though the heart makes it into another story.

You can keep guessing why things happen the way they do and why they are meant to be for a specific action. We want to make sense out of those moments, we want to begin to come around and learn from our past, though if you dive into the past a bit too much, you might get stuck there once again. You NEVER mean to go in too deep.

See the pattern?!

There will ALWAYS be "too much"...
There will ALWAYS be "why now?"...
There will ALWAYS be "can't you see?"...

We will ALWAYS want to seek into the FUTURE without having to prepare for what we're about to hear and try to comprehend the information provided for us. We just want to take a peek...just a peek into what will become of us. Once you get "too much" information then you'll ask yourself "why now?" are you seeking this out and "can't you see" that everything is overwhelming and you can't just be without having to question yourself even more than ever.

We are REAL, we are in a TRUE LIFE setting and let's not forget to LIVE without wanting to know everything in advance for our struggles dictate our paths and our survival mark our paths. 

NEVER Say Never.
--To opportunity

Never means Never.
--You'll always be you, not someone you're not.

Never leads to Never.
--You'll follow YOU, take your OWN lead.

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