Friday, February 15, 2013

Only if YOU believe it's TRUE!

First off I trust and hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine's Day 2013!! As for me, it was great seeing my clients for that day and it was a Taco Bell type of night...which I regretted this morning..nevertheless, it was great! 

To also clear up the air on my last blog "Damsel IN Distress", I received several texts from different people wanting to know if the "Damsel" I was talking about was them...and clearly in true Busy Little Queen fashion, it wasn't about ONE particular was more of what the mood was on Facebook when I had logged on that night, lots of complaints and drama queens.

Well now that we're on the drama queen subject, we will continue to explore that aspect a little more tonight. Valentine's Day this year brought a lot of joy as well as fear into people's lives. 

Joy for the one's in relationships and Fear for the one's who are single. I've been single 28 out of the 29 years that I've celebrated Valentine's Day on this earth and rest assure, that one year I did have someone for that day turned out to be a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!! Goodness gracious I would've much rather been single than having to go through that specific day in 2009. Yet also, for some reason, I STILL love to celebrate Valentine's Day, one bad year won't ruin it for me that's for sure.

As I looked around on all the social networks and those around me, the single individuals were having such frowns that it definitely showed not only on their faces, but also on their posts. Now I'm not saying that there were a bunch of Debbie Downers, though you can tell they weren't on a HAPPY streak, and for whatever reason, I'm also not one to pass judgement because I've been there before. 

Yet I will say this:
Being single allows you to become stronger within yourself and it also gives the opportunity to see what you're willing to work for in the long run. Most people date just to get a kick out of it and show an insecurity of wanting to be needed by others. Now on the other hand we have those whom are dating for the right reasons and want to move forward in their next level of their lives. EVERYTHING in this LIFE takes effort, grace and vulnerability, most of all, it takes great SACRIFICE to know and earn what you've always wanted. If you're SINGLE, there's a reason for the fact that you're still looking...take your time. If you're in a relationship, enjoy it and learn to become 50/50 with your significant other, it does work to compromise. 

Only if YOU believe it's true will you ever feel down on yourself and feel that ONE fateful day will never come to fulfill your LIFE...again, ONLY if you believe it. 
Instead, CELEBRATE YOU and your accomplishments until the right one shows up, 
ALL in due time.

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