Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The last week of January 2013 had a LOT of lunar activity and all I kept hearing from people was:

"Look at the moon!! So beautiful!"

Truthfully inside me I was SCREAMING:

"GO AWAY!!!!"

There's a reason why I was screaming inside, and that's because I knew right away that it would be affecting those who are most susceptible to their inner beings and emotions. Oh and has it hit!

I used to be a sucker for emotions, a part of me still is, though through my meditation and study of my inner self I've come to control what's supposed to be let out and what's supposed to be kept in. In a way, food is a BIG help for me, though it's really not a big surprise right?! In any case, it took years to conform and realize the necessity of who I was and was also becoming.

Ever feel NOT like yourself? Do tears start streaming down your face for no reason? Feel like complaining how the world is a BIG pain in the ass? Want to blame most of your issues on everyone else but yourself? Are you starting to CREATE your issues and solving them yourself?

time to "man up" and get a hold of yourself because if you think it's bumpy mow, you've barely begun to shake!

There's this thing called your OWN personality, you know the thing you defend everytime someone has an opinion about you, well this personality of yours is important to keep up because it's not only your defense mechanism, it's who people know you as being when you're having fun, at work, or even playing around in your sweats and plain white "T". You've shown the world who you are and you're not willing to change unless it's time for you to move to higher level. 

Also, there's this word called PERSEVERANCE, you know the will to continue even when you're not as HOT as you've been in other times prior to this day. Give up now and you're just showing the world how lazy and indecisive you are about the present and future, OH but hey, it's YOUR personality right?!

The overall message here is this:

NO matter what the world has you feeling, or FULL MOONS for that matter, give it your best shot to become more than your weakest moment! You're allowed a weak moment here and there, string it along for a consecutive month or two and you're pushing it! Pick yourself up and know that ALL you're hard work has come to this point, even if you're not showcasing the best of your ability now as we speak. SUCCESS and MONEY have very little to do with eachother, they only have POWER if you give it to them, other than that, they're just words with very little meaning. 

Consists of everyday sacrifice no matter what

This happens when you lose sight of the importance of LIFE

Know the difference and make sure you direct yourself towards the RIGHT path!
 Realize your FULL and outright potential!

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