Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Cure

Any of you out there watch the show SMASH?? 

If you haven't seen it, it's a MUST! I know I know, it's about a musical...though it deals deeper than just a musical, and it's NOT the adult GLEE, that's for sure! So much talent is on that show, especially one of my favorite runner-up "idols", Katherine McPhee
Now another great voice has emerged from the Broadway stage and is on the show as well on the Contemporary/Pop scene...her name...
Megan Hilty

"No Cure" is Megan's first single from her debut album "It Happens All the Time" that actually came out today. I was able to catch her perform this song on The View yesterday and of course the first thing I said BEFORE she started singing was, "Oh here goes a Broadway song!" WAS I EVER SO WRONG!!! Megan gave an AMAZING performance that left me breathless and wanting more from this new sound of hers. She gave so much heart and soul in the delivery of the song, all I could do was GASP in amazement!

This song actually deals with what EVERYONE has a fear of in LIFE and it's heartbreaking situations, the "What if's". It's hard to point the finger at what makes LIFE difficult and most times than not, it's a Labyrinth when were trying to find a solution and a way out. 

In "No Cure", a break-up has erupted and there seems to be a cloud of a mess that lingers so badly that even the human senses of sight, sound and feeling have been disturbed and a world of chaos surrounds this broken heart's dim world. 
Naturally she knows that there's a solution, yet, she's simply asking, 

"What if there's no cure?"

Ever been here?!....

Yeah me too!

 Usually happens when there seems to be a streak of bad luck on our side and things just go wrong left and right, then we just sit in a quiet room (our head space) and have a moment of 
"What if this is how it's going to be?!" 

When it comes to certain situations, there are "No Cure's" for them. We simply need to accept the WILL to move on with the best mind frame we have and start re-building what was once broken down. ONE might call it "giving up"...although "giving up" requires a CURE, and to find that CURE might take a while.  Now "Moving on" requires NO CURE, believe it or not, most times, that's the best option we have.

Next time you ask yourself "What if there's no cure?", weigh out the options and recognize you have the choice of there having to be a CURE or NOT...and that is OK.

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