Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the Inside

Everything shows on the outside,
our hair, our skin, our expressions, our iconography, our deceptions, our happiness.
All of which lie within us on the inside, and we bring out what we choose to make OTHERS happy.
Though when the time comes to bring out OUR opinions to challenge the world as it has challenged us, were told to hold back for there can be a backlash on what we say or do. 

To a degree I'm able to stand with this, although I've always had a mouth on me that's always wanted to challenge those who don't see the world as I seem to see it. There's nothing worse than having to go with the crowd when ALL you want to say is, "Let me show you what I see and let's try this!"

"On the outside we show the security,
on the inside we have the insecurity,
it's what holds down our foundation.

On the inside we build the walls,
on the outside we shatter and watch things fall,
it's what tears us apart in every condition. 

In our eyes we see it all,
In our hearts we feel it all,
Inside and Out we are what we are,
Human to a fault."

--->Erik Velasco

If every time I listened to every criticism about me then I can tell you straight out that I wouldn't be able to sit here and write to you about how to be able to speak your mind from the depths of your gut. I've been told to shut up, to listen to my own advice, to give a little more thought to what I'm sending out in the world, and I've been told to just stand there and do hair. I wasn't given permission to lead a vocal LIFE, nor did I EVER need permission from anyone. All I needed was the experience and the pain to make it real and have it come to LIFE on it's own. 

That's ALL we ever need in LIFE, we need our own experiences to know that what we hold on the inside is real and others should know about what's in our hearts and minds. 

Be afraid of what you might NOT be able to say,
Don't EVER be afraid of what is needed to be said.

Lead by example

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