Friday, October 11, 2013

Knowing Your Way Around

Countless times I've heard the common response of:

"Yeah, I know, I know"....

yet more than half the time, what's really being expressed is:

"Yeah I DON'T know!"....

Very TRUE and DIRECT unfortunately. 

As a teen I would constantly say this to Mommy Dearest and she would let me have it!
 One time her words were:

"Unless you know your way around, 
you don't know a damn thing!"

Of course back then I didn't get it, until I grew up and then ONE TWO THREE FOUR it clicked like a spark on the wall! I had to get a hold of myself and know who I was inside out to really know what to do with myself in certain situations. 

Being lost is one of the most uncertain aspects of the human mind that it's not even funny. Can't make a decision for the life of you, can't decide what to put on for the day or even what kind of music to listen to while in the car, etc. It's annoying yet undeniably misleading

Even at times in several instances with individuals who jump from one relationship to the next make the common mistake in NOT listening to what they need firsthand and get lost in trying to make others happy, trying to fit into a puzzle piece that quite frankly doesn't fit and making ends meet in ways that doesn't make sense to the common mind. Pretty much trying to sweep things under the rug time and time again until it builds up and then it starts to show it's dirty self in unimaginable ways. 

It's important to be ONE with ourselves for the simple fact that only WE can make our own selves happy and only WE can deliver what most people can't in the first place....the LOVE that thrives from the natural belief in FAITH

Stuck in a rut and don't know where or which way to turn???

 Well, this is where your FAITH comes in. Where can you get that from??? 

Easy...the same place you built yourself upon...wonder where that is???

This is why it's important to know your way around YOU. If you can believe in so much that goes on in the world, BELIEVE in YOU so you know where to turn to the next time you need clarity and above anything else, a sense of self direction and self love WITHOUT having to be narcissistic. 

 is the main focus...
know, feel, and believe it all!

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