Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Menopausia: El Musical"..... The Review

This show has been around for many years and is actually being performed all over the world as we speak! I myself have heard of Menopause: The Musical from it's promotional status at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's always made me curious and yet of course, never went to go see it because I was in town for other shows I had already planned on seeing. 

One day one of my closest friend/client came in for her weekly blowout at my L.A. salon location and had let me know about her upcoming audition for Menopause: The Musical...the first ever SPANISH version to debut!!!

I was glad to hear that not only did she audition, and after her call backs, she was offered one of the 4 leads in the musical!

Week after week I've heard about her rehearsals and the fun aspects of what is to become the show that not only makes you want to stand up and sing, yet the show that makes you laugh hysterically whether you're male or female. I finally was able to see my dear friend in the show along with her 3 co-stars and let me tell y'all, it's a MUST SEE!!! Even my friend who doesn't speak a word of SPANISH enjoyed the 90 minute musical! 

Here's what to expect:

Diana Burbano, Paloma Morales, Marabina Jaimes and Graciela Valderrama 
 each represent a different role of the female image which we have in the world:

*House Wife
*Telenovela Soap Starlet
*Professional Power Woman
*All Natural Earth Mother

With each female role having their own state of mind and tasks in the world, they each have ONE thing in common...they're ALL going through Menopause!

It's a NO HOLDS BARRED type of subject where ALL 4 female leads intellectually, tastefully and hysterically tackle each of their menopausal troubles while shopping at Bloomingdale's in the wonderful world of New York City
They sure let the audience in on what Menopause is really doing to them!

Like what you may be asking??? 
Well, everything from foul odors to heat flashes and even to self  sexual pleasures are ALL layed out on the table! What better way to talk about these and other subjects than to use some of our most iconic songs of the past and re-word them so that we can ALL understand and sing along to the new and improved famous choruses!! Songs from artists like Sonny and Cher, Tina Turner, The Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, etc. Whether you've grown up with these iconic songs or not, you'll recognize them right off the bat. 

The musical blend that this specific vocal quartet has is AMAZING and STUNNING! Not a note out of place and never a SHARP or FLAT tone whatsoever. For 90 minutes of dialogue and music, these women sure put the Popstars of today to shame.

 Professional woman Marabina Jaimes stuns as one of the most fan favorite Popstars of ALL time...who might it be?? Well, let's just say her and Angela Bassett are on the same wave length when it comes to their portrayals of this famous female singer.

There's also a great deal of interaction with the audience by the cast and a surprise Marilyn like vocal performance by the fabulous Paloma Morales where she really makes the males and females of the audience blush in amazement! Not only was her solo a great vocal performance, choreography wise she made great use of the stage! 

Choreographer Daria Lynne Melendez really shaped these gals into the spectacular performers they've become for this specific adaptation of the show.

Hair/Make-Up/Wardrobe was on key with each female lead and what a great change from beginning to end! Each look was specified and not overdone like in 
many musicals I've seen in the past.

Director Seth Greenleaf  has molded this cast to fit and represent the Hispanic Community down to a "T" and has made sure everyone can connect to the raw emotion of what it feels like to not only have this LIFE CHANGING cycle yet what it is to be around a person going through it as well. 

Laughs, great Music and a sense of Community all rolled into one! 
A great form of modern day Girl Power!

Bravo to the CAST and PRODUCTION of

Menopausia: El Musical
Showing at the 
Ricardo Montalban Theatre in 
Hollywood, Ca. for 4 weeks


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  2. Thank you Busy Little Queen!!! So Glad you enjoyed our performance!!!
    Viva La Menopausia!!! This is the Best Birthday present ever!!!!