Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We've all been through that "Moment" in LIFE where we've had to learn how to survive on our own. As much advice as we wanted to get from our loved ones, this "Moment" was designed especially FOR us, BY us. Covering our hearts as best as possible to only become our own shield so we could protect what was rightfully ours. 

As the years have veered past us, we accepted pain, learn to take jabs as they come and most importantly, continued on our path according to what would be "The Way" for us. Every scar and scab have had the ability to heal in the comfort of it's own scar tissue. 

It only get's better from here right??!

Yes and Maybe.

Yes...because the new set of individuals that come forth will set us up to rise to the next chapter filled with new challenges and experiences ONLY to make us BELIEVE that we're worth the battle.

Maybe...because within the new set of individuals that come forth will be a handful of them that will take advantage of the newly skilled STRENGTH you've come to gain. 

 is what they call this new chapter...
Are you willing to risk it all?

My chapter came at the age of 25 when I broke free of my own "Moment". I can tell you now that the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing came out from left and right. It was like these individuals could smell the newly recovered fresh meat. 
My temperament was tested, my FAITH was being compromised and the ability to defend myself against them was put on a thin line. 
Every year from that exact moment, at least 4 of them came along for the battle. It had been exhausting trying to prove that I was the healthy minded person I'd become "POST-Survivor". UNTIL Year 3 came along at the age of 28 and it clicked in my head and I said,

"I really don't care to have you around!"

I started cutting ties so quick and every single one that wanted to continue this battle I just kept letting them waste their words and dirty minds on what would be THEIR greatest fear of all...they're own taste at solitude. Let me say and declare that I did nothing but literally cut ties and ALL communication, and they did the rest. 

I risked it ALL for the sake of my own peace of mind. I knew I had done the right thing especially when at night, I was comfortable with my actions and my ability to finally sleep with my OWN conscious and no one else's.  By this time, let's just say it was too late to beat around the bush, and quite frankly, it's never been my style. 

Since then I've done it time and time again and each time, I've been able to rise above it in every way. My focus becomes a lot more clearer and I know that I'm finally able 
to get away from what people see,
 a fragile simple-minded creature who understands it all.

POST-Survivor brought a CHANGE,
With that CHANGE came a CHOICE,
That CHOICE is up to YOU.