Friday, May 16, 2014

The Comfort of the Night towards a Leap Of Faith

"As the sun descends and the stars begin to bloom in the sunset sky, the reflection of the violet ebony tones take over my outside mood and my mind begins to open to endless emotions of the PAST, PRESENT and what will become of the unknown FUTURE."
-->Erik Velasco

As kids our parents usually make us deal with the "Fear of the Night" concept and have us be completely afraid of the dark. According to them it's usually when all the "monster's" come out and nothing good is roaming the streets. That may be true in its rarest form in this reality, though, that's also when the artists of the world have the floodgates of their minds open and instead of walking through the dark and being careful, they're running towards the unknown to see what they can capture and mold it into a masterpiece of their own vision.
Sometimes the dullest objects become the beacon of hope of sensibility.

With ALL poetic advances aside, the only time I'm able to think for myself and see an alternative reality is at night. The silence really brings out the beauty that the world has to offer. When there's no one in sight and the moon and stars are gleaming, the only afterthought I have is that of 
"What Was", "What Is"and "What Can Become".
Most can and will relate this to fear, though I will say that I lived in fear for so long that if I was to tag this afterthought along the same lines, I wouldn't be a risk taker and therefore a dreamer.

I've written a lot about taking a "Leap Of Faith" that it almost seems like a whole different lifetime when I was afraid to jump towards my options.

The FIRST and by far one of the hardest one of its kind I'd ever had to endure was coming out to the world at 17 years old. It wasn't an option at the time, unfortunately I had to come out for my own sanity yet fortunately unknowingly, it turned out to be the BEST decision I'd ever endure.

During the day, I was afraid of my own shadow, thinking that the world would judge me for admitting what I'd been hiding for so long. I became my own monster when the sun was at its highest peak, and for no reason I was my own worst critic.

During the night, I had a great amount of inner strength with fearlessness to motivate a whole army. I felt ONE with the night sky and I felt comforted by the obscurity of what the darkness hid from my heart.

Ultimately FAITH held my hand and promised me to NOT let me go. After much anticipation, obscurity and self doubt, I went and jumped up at the chance to raise my chin and keep my head high no matter the criticism.

Sometimes standing over the edge of LIFE can make you tremble so deep in your core that you're faced with ONE option, and yet, you wonder what the next few years will be like should you NOT consider taking the chance to become a better YOU.

I'm able to convey now that 13 years later, I'm grateful for my lack of self inflicted judgement of myself and am ETERNALLY grateful for what FAITH has truly taught me,

TRUST in the unknown.

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