Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Personal Heartbreak=Success

Just when you think when you can't show who you really are and what you can do, something heartbreaking comes along to give you that extra push, 
and behold, 
you've MADE it!

Success is defined by only stardom these many times your work has been in a magazine, how many times you've been on a T.V. show, how many credits you've received in films, or even my personal favorite, how many sex tapes you've had circling around the internet. The word "Success" has become this flashy word that only lasts 15 minutes, and you're lucky if you get a second opportunity to make it a full 30 minutes worth.

Every week I hear and see SO MANY people always try to upstage and back stab each other in trying to make themselves look like they're heroes. Now remember, I network plenty on my own and only pay attention to what my clientele needs and have no need to dip into others' territory. 

Part of being who you are is staying true to who you've become

If you've needed to cut ways and dig deep into others' personal boundaries, unfortunately, you'll see and become the outcome of your own doing. If you've allowed time to make it's territory and it's availability to fit your schedule, no matter how long it's taken, you'll see the outcome to your patience for what IS, and NOT what HAS to be.

Everyone's story is different, although many of us share the same rise to our own Success. My cousins and closest friends always comment in texts and over the phone how they're so proud of what I've become, how far I've been able to reach my dreams and even how tired I look (which makes me laugh every time), yet they still see the fire burning inside my actions and my heart.

TRUTH be known, I don't see what they see, I see my experiences and titles as accomplishments that have allowed me and still continue to allow me to grow and prove myself day after day, no matter the location or who I'm having the pleasure to work on, whether it be my next door neighbor, my siblings, or a recording artist. I treat everything and everyone the same, I do what I do to make people happy and to help them, NOT to please myself (as much as I tease about it).

Every job I've had, to this day, I've always had at least up to 2 people try to pull me down with their words, actions, and their disbelief. In the beginning, I didn't think people were capable of such wrong doing, yet I learned year after year that the human mind can overrule the heart in a matter of seconds. I can count at least 4 people right now that are after me, and it's O.K. I don't fall for the tactics and show no emotion other than that of my craft, which is my heart for creativity. I've had to cover myself plenty of times, told lies of my own to make sure the direction of wrongdoing makes a shift like train tracks do, and have had times where it works, others where it simply doesn't, and that's where you make notes of what should and shouldn't be done for future events of the same nature. To survive the negativity, one must shift it although NEVER at a price or someone else's expense.

  It breaks my heart to know that as much as someone can say, "I love what you do"  when they really mean, "I hope you crash and burn so I can shine"'s mind boggling! Though, that's the name of the game, and if you REALLY want it, you'll go through what you need to go through.

  My sister Mari, being my business manager for all I do, said to me one night,

"Don't give into your hype, go back to basics and discover why it is you love what you do so much, and let those tears out, it'll keep your heart clean".

Success in my book is when you make others feel what you feel, 
which is LOVE, LIFE and HAPPINESS...
until then, make sure you do things for the right reasons, for the greater good
and you'll FEEL yet WON'T SEE what Success truly is.

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