Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's worse than what you HAVEN'T done?

We humans speak through different variables of language and different ways of communication. We would much rather communicate to the person next to us and answer to them, rather than answering to ourselves and seeing what really IS going on with us. 

Many times per day we question our own minds, 
so much at times that we tend to go on overdrive and expect immediate answers to our inexperienced situations.We bust ourselves so much that we blame the TRUTH on what we "could've, should've and would've" done, NOT on what "CAN" and "HAVE" to do.

It's easy to think and know what our drive can do for us and how far were to go if we've tried everything possible to achieve a simple "pat" on the back. Well, it's time to stretch the outcome, time to stretch the ability of not what we already "HAVE" done, rather, what we "HAVEN'T" done.

Just when you couldn't of thought of a worse action, one where you're doing so by
 challenging your own self.

"I've done what I can, no matter what I do I"ll get the same result"

"I did what I could, we'll just see what happens"

"What else is there to do? I don't see a way out"

"What do you mean? I've given 100% and still nothing!"

Sound familiar? I thought so. I used to say these phrases ALL the time, expecting for the answer to mysteriously appear right in front of my eyes. Well, the answers never came the way I wanted them to, they instead, never really came at all, and I was comforted by knowing that they would never come. Talk about LOST IN YOU OWN TRANSLATION! Sounds a lot like a form of giving up, only giving up has an ending, and this here, doesn't, it remains open with a ray of hope to come and rescue the lost and confused. 

What can you do to make it better?


Do you ever feel like you've put up a fight and yet you get nothing? No resolution? 

 It's because you never really put up the fight to make it to the end. You've done ALL that you could, only now, you've chosen to give up and wait an eternity for the solution, although, don't complain later about what you've done, complain about what YOU HAVEN'T done.
There's always a loophole, a way out, an answer to confusion. 
Yet, you mean to tell me that there isn't one? It's a fallacy, a lie? Well, I don't buy it. Until you've given what your heart can, what tears your eyes can shed, the wear and tear of your soul, having dissected each compartment of your heart, until you've given not 100%, rather 500% of your being to know that what you HAVEN'T done HAS been done, 
then rest assure a definite answer is upon arrival. 

Don't expect the answers, GET the answers,
 explore and conquer what you HAVEN'T done!

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