Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lessons of the Neverending Past

Many of you out there I've had the pleasure of helping you out in more ways than just your hair and/or your make-up makeovers. You've been able to trust me with the most inner demons you tend to face on a daily basis, you've allowed yourselves to become vulnerable and let your heart do the talking instead of your mind. 

I can definitely say that ALL of you, and you know who you are, have TRULY risen to the occasion of every obstacle put forth in your path since I've been involved, and with that, whether you've faced them head on or have faced them in other routes and other ways, you've allowed yourselves to become better people, better at knowing what works for you and what doesn't.

 Whether you agree with me or choose to disagree, you've surpassed some of your greatest fears, even though you might believe that you've taken a step backward and/or failed, you haven''re learning to ACCEPT...and ACCEPTANCE is very hard to take in, at ANY age.

There's a reason why our PAST stays so vivid in our minds...there's a reason why looking ahead sometimes can be very difficult. There's a reason WHY the word WHY exists. 

We are meant to question the UNIMAGINABLE, the INEVITABLE, the UNEXPLAINABLE. We've experienced every single one in our past, learn to ACCEPT in our PRESENT, and prepare for our FUTURE.
I've learned to dig myself out of my own darkness day after day and year after year. A lot of what many of you are experiencing now in your lives I've gone through it myself in my younger years. Every piece of advice I have to offer is that of an answer I've had to dig up on my own. Not to say that EVERYTHING I say is valid and should be taken into action by yourselves, simply it's a door that I've gladly opened for you to see what can become of your future DEPENDING on your course of action.

I will say this though, and if I may:

I say this in person, on Facebook, in the blogs, on Twitter and ANY outlet there is out there....LEARN to LIVE for yourselves. Focus YOUR energies on YOU. Only YOU can make yourselves happy and glad to say that you've won a battle. The so called "WAR" is non-existent, if anything, it's self inflicted...I learned this the HARD way and suffered many years in a jail cell of my own mind, the one I created for myself. Living in the "What If's" and "Maybe's" will guarantee you pain and thorns that don't belong in your heart, although, if you choose to take one of the "What If's" or the "Maybe's", ACCEPT what outcome you receive, whether it's the answer you were looking for or not. ACCEPT YOU first and foremost.

Lessons regarding our unknown Future 
are the casualties of our 
Lessons of OUR Neverending Past

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