Thursday, September 6, 2012


For the longest time, I've always found RAIN itself to be purifying and have the ability to wash away any negativity that's inside us, even if it dampers the mood a bit because it get's us wet, it's only water...and if anything, it's cleansing.

I was 10 years old when I saw the video for "Rain" by the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. In 1993, MTV was actually playing music videos during the day and night and the second season of The Real World: Los Angeles was being shown in half hour show fragments, meanwhile, this was by far the EXTENT of any reality show on the music video channel.

"Rain" became a bold statement with Madonna as she was wrapping up her promotion to her "Erotica" album and "The Girlie Show" tour. It was a different vibe, a different look, and a different sound that really showed how eclectic and what a chameleon Madonna could be not only in her music, but as an entertainer.

Her soft harmonies show her peaks throughout a song that has momentum at the right time when all the old negativity is ready to flood away from the soul. The cleansing of the rain also shows the ability to bring new LOVE when it's mostly needed. 

Usually in this world, as previously discussed, the shadows that belong in the darkness tend to overshadow the light we naturally possess. When it is so dimmed that we can no longer see our path we want a way out, we look for the next possible open door that allows us a glimpse into what can become of us if we CHOOSE to go through that open door. 

Stay dimmed or wash away the darkness?

  When I've gone outside and there's nothing but water coming down from the skies and the scent of the wind has a fresh and crisp sense of smell and sensation you can actually inhale and exhale, it gives me the vibe of "All will wash away" all over my body and frame of mind. What else do we have to do and think about especially when our worlds have had enough to petrify and plague our days with?! 

When we've felt the beauty of cleansing, the beauty of purification, we stand out in such a way where we know that this feeling can be pursued in many instances, yet, by having the earth's natural ability show us the way of it's curable sensation, we crave the day we can actually let our hearts and souls reach that level of happiness. 

Crave for your happiness and you'll see that what comes your way will be nothing less short of a miracle door waiting for you to feel the rain on your skin ready to wash all that darkness away and bring you to new LOVE!

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