Friday, September 28, 2012

Compare Yourself to NO ONE

How hard is it NOT to compare yourself to anyone??? 
 Realistically, it's a bit ridiculous how much time we waste in doing so, yet, we ALWAYS want what we can't have.
LIFE in general, with co-workers and piers, we either have the type of people that are happy for us when we succeed, or we have the jealous type that just want to keep us low to the ground who won't allow us to grow, instead, have them grow for us. 

Being negative and jealous is very infectious, and it can really wither away friendships and relationships all around. At times we might not even know that were feeling these negative thoughts until someone brings it up to our attention. By then, it might be too late. 

So by being negative at times, your flow can change, your goals, your outlook, and even wrinkles can appear a lot faster on your facial has been PROVEN y'all!

Why be jealous of the person to your right and/or left? 
Why compare your achievements to those of your siblings? Why compare yourself to yourself and make YOURSELF the bad guy as you stare at your image in the mirror?

Everyone in this LIFE has struggled, cried, hurt, bled, and have submitted themselves to shame at some point in their existence. Nothing has come easy and on a silver platter without having there been consequences and hoops to jump in and out of. 

If and when you see the person next to you have a happy moment, ENJOY their smile and FEEL their excitement. It's so beautiful to see and feel what another person is so excited about. When you hear that one of your siblings has great news, GLOW with them and let them know how their growth and determination has really made them stronger. When you see yourself advancing to the next level of LIFE and actually enjoy the ride, be PROUD of yourself and walk PROUDLY for every sacrifice has met it's match. 

With the sibling rivalries, know that you're there for eachother and you'll get farther in LIFE by teaming up as a unit rather than try to compete against one another. Live your lives according to what YOUR goals are, not to how you can upstage your fellow brethren, EVEN if your parents are being biased, let them be, YOU ARE YOU and allow them to know that about you.

YOU have your own goals, YOU have your own mind, YOU have your own way of LIFE....
YOU OWN YOURSELF and compare yourself to NO ONE!

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