Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Diamond CANNOT be broken

In true reality, a diamond can only be scratched or damaged by its own kind...same can be said about human nature and PRIDE.

Humans in any nature can be put to the test time and time again and for some reason, no matter how many times we go through the same thing over and over again, it always feels like it's the very first time were going through it. Never recognizing a flaw, or even a lesson learned. 

Point in case, every time we have a fight with a loved one, have it be a sibling, parent or a close friend...we always want to be the only ones making sense and want to have the final word, having our point come across as strong as a "tiger's roar".

Yet every time we have a fight with a boyfriend/girlfriend, it's still a strong argument, though we lend a hand in our defeat at times, and in this case, we don't care whether we win or lose, as long as we get to keep the one we "love". 

The more we argue, the more we "roar" and the more we makes ourselves the focal point, the more we're scratching our Diamond surfaces with our pride and ignorance and allowing others to influence ANY positive growth in us unless we're romantically getting something in return, and even then, it's double the damage.

The point to LIFE is to make a difference for the better, not to make the world a much a harder foundation. These days I see a lot of values being compromised for the sake of wanting to have it "your way". PRIDE lives deep in every one of us and at any age, especially as children, we use it to our full advantage to have the world WE want OUR way. 

PRIDE is a very dangerous mechanism to use and if we're not careful , it'll get the best of us and sooner rather than later, we'll lose the shine to our "Diamond" like nature. 

Remember to KEEP those greater qualities you possess and cherish them, share them with the world to make other shine as brightly as you are. 

Although do RECOGNIZE and ADMIT to faults when the time permits it to be so, if you don't, PRIDE will only get the best of your shine and dull you and those around you. 

A Diamond CANNOT be broken...
YOU can't be broken...
UNLESS you do it to yourself. 

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