Saturday, June 8, 2013

Keep my Shit Together

As I'm drawing near the end of my 20's and go into my 30's, I'm wondering if it'll feel any different?? Will I literally be closing another decade of LIFE and be looking towards a new one?

Yes yes, I know most of you are saying,

"What are you talking about?? You're still young!!! 30 is nothing!"

Now I'm not saying I'm old, I'm just reminiscing about what I've been through in my decade of 
LIFE from 2003-2013.

I've always wandered what it would've been like had I just gone for a regular 9-5 Monday through Friday day to day job?! In 2003 I was building my clientele from ZERO and making sure I pleased every single client in my chair (nothing's changed, I'm doing the same now). Though back then believe it or not, Happy Hour existed in my world! I was in my last stages of watching MTV and I was trying to find myself through the power of Prayer

My concern in my thought process back then was, 

"What hair color should I be this month?"

My how things have changed! I hardly have any hair on top of my head these days, 
let alone have time to color it!

Now in 2013, I've accomplished more than what I've ever had imagined accomplishing thanks be to GOD! I pull double shifts most of the time and make sure every hair is in place for my clientele's as well as following specific direction to desired hair colors and haircuts. It might seem like I just work all the time and have no fun for myself, and I really have to say that what you see, is not really what's going on completely. 

I do have fun, it's just I don't need a trip to The Netherlands to showcase my ability to relax. What really allows me to relax altogether is a movie, a blanket, a pillow and an Iced or Hot Chair Tea Latte. That to me is fun and relaxing...going out from time to time sounds like fun, though it was MUCH MORE appetizing back in 2003 than now in 2013.

My concern in my thought process NOW in 2013 is,

"I need to keep my shit together!"

To make a DREAM happen you have to keep things in line, and 3 of the most important that I've learned along the way are the follwing:


Priorities are a must, and every week I have to look out for what will not only benefit me, rather what will benefit my outcome to my future as a whole. With LIFE happening everyday and making sure I'm ON at all times, the little special time that I have for ME is very precious in it's own unique way. I make the effort to keep EVERYTHING that represents me in order, at times that means SACRIFICING quite a bit. 

In 2003 I had NO clue what it meant to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears for what it is that you truly want out of LIFE. Having said that, in the current state of 2013, I've THANKFULLY achieved 85% of my dreams...I have 15% to go and now going into my 30's, I have 10 more years to achieve it.

LIFE is what you make of it,
If you believe in it,
You can make it AND SURVIVE with help along the way.

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