Monday, July 8, 2013

Here's The Thing...

Believe in ANYTHING you want....

Do WHATEVER it is your heart desires....

MAKE yourself into whomever you'd like to become....


Don't EVER blame others for your own mistakes
Don't EVER believe you're ABOVE anyone or anything.

Many things happen in life to where at times we cannot explain the outcome were facing right in front of us. We want to UNDERSTAND so much that it's best to just let situations unravel at their own pace. Quite the struggle right?!

 Many years ago my mentor had said this exact statement to me:

"The Holy Spirit comes with many gifts for you, and ONE of the most important he bestows upon you is the gift of UNDERSTANDING. There will come a day where you won't UNDERSTAND what's going on at the exact time you're faced with the TRUTH, yet that day will be the day you will feel you truly UNDERSTAND inside and out why things are the way they became."

Of course I felt severely confused when he said this to me, I even told him he was crazy and his CLEAR response was:

"I am crazy!! Crazy for GOD!"

He is now a Deacon and a great one might I add. 

When learning to deal with UNDERSTANDING, many forms of individuals come our way, in and out of our lives in order for us to learn from each other. Many will test us along with wanting to see what will become of us if we choose NOT to UNDERSTAND. Needless to say, buttons will be pushed to our absolute limit. of course, it's better to see things from an outside perspective and allow the action of UNDERSTANDING take its rightful place, 
no matter what our feelings are on the inside. 

  What makes this a victory is the fact that no matter what's been said and/or what's been done, CHOOSING to let others become what it is they've always wanted to become is the greatest form of UNDERSTANDING that could be shown and expressed. You let others be and take care of their own selves for once and who knows, maybe in due time they'll have their epiphany of what it truly means to UNDERSTAND others and why the world is the way it is. 

I myself have taken the responsibility of allowing others to blame their frustrations and poor choices on me... why you ask?  I know the day will come for them to face the world on their own without having a shield and they will be FORCED to UNDERSTAND the many wonders of the world's outcome. They will come to appreciate one day this gift of UNDERSTANDING for what it truly means on the inside as well as on the outside. 

NOTHING and NO ONE is greater on this earth than the one that allows us to conceptualize what it means to UNDERSTAND...and even then, we will continue to learn and teach others about our experiences for the GREATER GOOD.

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