Monday, January 13, 2014

Good Enough

2014 has commenced! 
We're now going into the third week of the new year and as with the past first blog entries of the year, we start it off right with:

 Sarah McLachlan

An update on Sarah, she's currently recording her new album and a new tour is being planned for later on this year! Can't wait to see her once again!

This particular song of her's is one that not only we can ALL relate to, we can even experience it with others in our current lives who've needed the right amount of LOVE for their hearts. 

"Good Enough" deals with the pain circulating with chain of events that happened to us when we were in our younger years. Whether a broken home, a divorce, betrayal, or simply someone not being there for you, it can leave a lasting impression on the heart and even if you've stitched yourself up from it, the feelings never go away until YOU say they can. 

Fear, as anything else that's negative in the world, can present themselves in such a hard way that taking them out of your head can come at a cost. Surrounding yourself with the right people is KEY in knowing that LIFE can bring so much more that what you've already experienced. Things CAN change internally for as much as we can battle it for no good reason. The more we have bottled up inside, the more damage we can do to ourselves without us even knowing. 

Do you ever find that one person that wants to connect with you at every level possible??? 

So much that inside you're saying to yourself,
 "Seriously?! Why should I let you in??!"

The walls that we put up most often are the walls of FEAR and PAIN, making anything GOOD that comes our way look like the negative aspect we already feel inside. Yet if you really think about it, all it takes is a simple glance at the GOOD FAITH that person has and we can throw away the negativity out the window. It's natural to be afraid of the unknown, yet, there are those times that we have to "jump ship" as they say to make the most out of a smile.

With taking in the POSITIVE and throwing away the NEGATIVE, a NEW YEAR is a good time as ever to do what is needed for ourselves and those who surround us. All we can really do is be "Good Enough" so that  at least we can say we gave it a try, especially if you're serving as that POSITIVE influence to someone else. 

Let them know you come with the best of intentions, that you yourself know what its like to be broken and hurt and you can show them a different side to the term 'moving on'. We ALL have that moment of clarity, some sooner than the others, though in any case, we'll show that STRENGTH come in numbers.

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