Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: A Year In Review Part 1

It's crazy to think that in 1 day, 2013 will be a year of the PAST.

For many, 2013 was a trying year, while for others, 2013 was that of an educational yet uplifting year.

I myself found many things to take with me, as well as many opportunities that will keep on coming and make me a better person both as an individual and as a professional.

2013 started off at a new salon location, right the Old Town Temecula, where to be honest, I had not visited in 5 years. Being that I was in Murrieta for that length of time, I just never found a reason to go there, until I found employment there. It's been by far my clients' favorite spot, especially the shampoo bowls where most of them fall asleep, yet the parking situation is getting worked out slowly but surely. A very BIG special THANK YOU to all of you who continue to support in letting me design your locks for you! I will continue to give 110% everytime you wish come in. 

In April I was contacted to see if I was interested in taking care of the hair section of the NBC 4 Los Angeles News Team as well as some of the employees there. With very little hesitation I jumped at the opportunity and thankfully, the NBC 4 Los Angeles News Team have welcome me every week with open arms and have trusted me in collaborating for their new image that they had been seeking. GOD willing, this opportunity will allow me to continue to grow even more in my ability as a hairstylist and as a professional who only seeks to make others feel great about their overall image. So far so good and I'm enjoying the challenge as every week comes.

May and June I was able to start off 2 new projects that will continue in 2014 and make a path for the greater good. My dear friend Brenda had the opportunity to jump at the chance and open her own Salon and Dry Bar in Old Town Temecula and had allowed me to help her start off with a name that has become quite noticed within the city in only 5 months of its doors being open. It hasn't been an easy ride, though just like I told her, if you believe in a dream and see it clearly, anything can happen. It's such a great feeling to see her run it with her love and devotion, and once she has the right mixture of devoted stylist entrepreneurs, the accomplishments are right around the corner, thus far, its a go!

The other project that captivated my time and heart has been my very first screenplay that took me 15 hrs. to complete in its entirety. With it's initial concept conceived by myself and my good friend Teppy,  it's based on a time frame in my life where I needed to learn some of the most valuable lessons ever. From accepting myself, to losing loved ones and especially finding my FAITH and trusting GOD once again, I incorporated my own metaphors in this screenplay to fit the main character's LIFE , a LIFE that actually happened and continues to be lived by so many out there.  

"Project DTL" found LIFE in 2013 and is being shopped around by me first and foremost so that it can find a good home. It's registered and being looked at by several individuals who can see the vision that was once lived. No matter how long it takes, I'm sticking it through so that many can have the opportunity to see more than what the eye conveys.

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