Thursday, January 30, 2014

Look UP for Resolutions

Many have said that it takes ALL that you have to make it happen...

while many OTHERS have exclaimed that it's taken a percentage of who they are to make ends meet.

Who to believe???

Take everything and everyone into account, for we ALL have a story to tell and share. Yet very few of us have LIVED what we're really about. It doesn't take very much to make you see that the grass isn't greener on the other side, though I can say this:

You haven't LIVED until you've admitted and accepted to yourself that you are your OWN cause and effect.

What does this mean???

To put it out there, 
there's no one that has made it hard and/or easy in your world except YOU

Blame and finger pointing is typical (believe me I've done plenty of this throughout the years), though it didn't sink in until I started to see a pattern that kept happening over and over again. 

To be honest, at first I thought I was going crazy and that the world just kept throwing "daggers" my way and I just kept trying to dodge them as best as I could. Then, after about the 3rd and 4th "dagger", I had that special light that came on above my head and I said, 
"So this is where everything is coming from!" 
What was it??

My very OWN wall that I wouldn't let down. Whatever it was I kept within that wall was the KEY to letting my world function the way it needed to. I kept hiding the one thing that made me so vulnerable since the beginning, my heart. 

Every cause and effect kept resulting in the same way and had the same outcome UNTIL one day I put my heart out there, I became vulnerable and made sure that I wholeheartedly BELIEVED in the vision that needed to be just that, my vision. With letting my wall down, I still made sure that my heart and mind coincided with each other and therefore kept it to where I was at level with it all, NOT ANY HIGHER and definitely NOT ANY LOWER than what ANY standard 
I believed to be true. 

To this day, EVERY cause and effect has had its major up's though my major "down's" aren't those anymore. Instead they became a part of the puzzle that didn't seem to fit, and I've simply learned to move on without resentment, finger pointing and disappointment. 

Moral of the story:

Not EVERY piece to the puzzle is supposed to fit. Instead of looking down and around for an answer, simply let down your guard and look UP for resolutions
for there's only ONE way to go and that is UP.

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