Thursday, February 6, 2014


We are now in the year 2014, and STILL we seem to find ourselves in a bit of a 'pickle' per say when it comes to who we are as individuals. 

Whether BLACK, WHITE, GAY, STRAIGHT, CHRISTIAN, BUDDHIST, SHORT, TALL, BLONDE, BRUNETTE, SKINNY, FULL FIGURED....not one form of combination is EVER good for any of us for we ALL have something to say especially if we're anything BUT ordinary. 

To FACE the facts, LOVE is LOVE, no matter what, who, or where you choose to place your heart. The most unlikely choice in LIFE is usually the right one when it comes to the resonance of your heartbeat. 

To KNOW the facts, we're ALL HUMAN. We have the same color of blood running inside each and every one of us and our brains are the same color as those who lived once in our past history. We make the best out of what and who we are due to us being OPEN to what we were taught since infancy. 

To UNDERSTAND the facts, our DIFFERENCES are what make us the best within one another especially when learning from ANY individual. Some of our best values as PEOPLE come from the most diverse influences that the human race has ever had to offer. 

In my own inner circle, I have everyone from Christian to Agnostic, Hispanic to Caucasian, Straight to Bi-Sexual, and from my age to 76 year old individuals that march to the beat of their OWN drum. As much as we can disagree at times when it comes to personal choices and/or certain goals we have set for ourselves, we've ALL learned to say what we need to say, and UNCONDITIONALLY expect a smile from one another because in the end, LOVE is what brought us together and its what truly keeps us in each others lives. Some of us, including myself, are STUBBORN to no end, yet, we come to our senses and learn to listen as much as possible to make our paths better for ourselves

It's TRUE what they say out there....
the only one being affected by ANY action taken is yourself...
though with Co-Existence
we can make the world a better place, for our hearts NEVER stop growing.

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