Saturday, March 22, 2014

Do You Think You'll Make It?

Doubt can get the very best of us in an instant...especially when exploring new "Territory" and taking a chance at LIFE.

When faced with the world, we have ONE of TWO situations:
 --> US against everyone else
--> An Individual making it work

Whichever one you decide to pick, they both have ONE thing in common...that is the URGE to make things happen for a greater result. Even then, we have a 50/50 OPPORTUNITY to make it work both physically and emotionally. 

Therefore now we ask this of ourselves,

"Do You Think You'll Make It?"

Ever since I was born in 1983, my family and I have experience the 'Highest of Highs' and the 'Lowest of Lows'. What was once a UNIT for one reason or another we slowly started breaking off and straying away from each other. Of course every family has their nature and especially when it comes to agreeing with one another. Everything from divorce to infighting to jealousy has plagued our UNIT and to this day, slowly but surely, we're starting to mend the damaged relationships one by one.

For as much as we've lost and have doubted ourselves individually and collectively, ONE thing's for sure...we've managed to stay true to our nature and ourselves, WILLING to make it. We've learned to gather our thoughts as individuals, work on what is needed for us to move forward in the proper direction and MOST importantly, put pride aside. Communication seems to be the lacking factor in our case, yet, it's a constant reminder of what COULD our greatest ability should we improve on the ACTION part of the word.

However you look at it, we are to own up to our actions and our feelings 110%. Nothing in this world is one sided, for there's 2 sides to every story told.
As long as we're willing to ACCEPT and OWN up to what we need to work on,
we're Individuals making it work.

WE can make it.

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