Friday, April 4, 2014


Some of you out there have seen my fascination with the show 'Nashville' on abc! Everything from the music to the characters and let's face it, the DRAMA

One of my favorite characters that I love on this show is played by Clare Bowen, a.k.a. Scarlett O'Connor, the whimsical poet/singer/songwriter that is easy to share her heart through her music yet puts up walls when it comes to her personal life. 

If Scarlett was an actual person in real life I would very much love to have a writing session with her especially with that clear melodic voice she vocalizes so effortlessly.

In the show Scarlett cares for her heart in the way that she writes exactly what she's feeling and going through with those she's emotionally invested in. Season 1 had a great introduction to her humble beginnings as a songwriter, and as we got toward the end she took a chance at singing some of her own material landing her a record deal of her own. Now as we near the end in Season 2, she's the opening act to some of Country Music's fictional royalty and is trying to cope with the pressures of being a recording and traveling musician. 

Earlier in Season 2 she was given the opportunity to sing one of her songs that she co-wrote with one of her ex-boyfriends, Gunnar Scott, for the none other Kelly Clarkson. In the show Kelly's looking for new material for her next album and heard one of the demos Gunnar and Scarlett had written called 'Lately'. 

Of course this is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for the duo songwriter's, though it's kind of awkward being that they've broken up professionally and romantically by this point and are once again showcasing a song they wrote when they were at their most vulnerable heartfelt state in their relationship. 

Everyone and anyone can relate to this song that simply states a true fact of the heart:

"I've been missing you
I've been missing you, lately"

A romance that wholeheartedly continues to live on, 
inside us all!

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