Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scared of Losing

LIFE has many options, choices and events that shape our view and our path. It's full of surprises, yet we shouldn't be that surprised especially when it comes the choices we've made. 

Still there's ONE aspect that proves to be difficult to comprehend and swallow...
the fear and being scared of losing

Yes, as humans we know we have a beginning, middle and end, for it's inevitable that WE ALL have to go through the same aging 'life cycle'. Though its through that aging 'life cycle' that we experience the reality of emptiness. Whether losing a loved one, something material, or simply put,'s a hard entity to comprehend let alone one we must ALL feel and get through.

I tell you this though, there's nothing greater than having to lose yourself and experience firsthand the RISE of a new beginning. Facing loss is one thing, while ACCEPTING loss is another.

Why does it take so long to accept loss???

Simple...we're used to having things go in our favor and when they don't, we freak out and try to salvage what little we can so our world doesn't alter itself.

I can't express to all of you the importance of ACCEPTING the reality of loss. As much as it hurts and as much as it can leave you in a world full of fog, the denial in any way, shape, or form will only make you listen to the outside world and not who you really have to listen to,
which is yourself.

Yes you're going to be mortified and scared to 'think' of what the aftermath will become, though as everyday passes by, it's not as bad as you think. Once having accepted loss, a choice must be made to whether LINGER or LET GO.

The picture you see above is that of a 17 year old teenager that just a few months prior to that picture being taken had lost himself so much that nothing and nobody could make him believe that LIFE was worth an ounce of happiness. He had read in a magazine article that when suffering from 'Disbelief in one's soul' the best remedy is to change your OUTSIDE appearance and go in slowly and start putting back together the broken pieces that once had LIFE. He had already lost himself, his faith, a good portion of his friends, and most of all, the person who once occupied his heart. What else did he have to lose by trying out and going for what the article had suggested a reader like himself to do?? 

Well, with the help of those very few around him and GOD, he accepted the challenge of restoring his FAITH to prove to himself that losing can only make you RISE. He struggled, cried, made himself known to the world by saying, "This won't beat me!".

 2,996 days later, he ACCEPTED and  FIRMLY knows and BELIEVES there was a reason
 WHY he had to lose. He was able to ACCEPT and LET GO.

Nothing is impossible when you're scared of losing...
you can only RISE from that moment on.

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