Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Here With Me

Haunting Love Story...
or is it???

This is what I love about our beloved Dido, her songs create such a parallel universe that keeps you guessing. Song after song, album after album, even if it's an 'I hate you' lyric content, her tender and melodic voice can NEVER be duplicated, and yet you still feel what she's feeling. In this case, it's the emptiness of her lover that's missing beside her. 

"Here With Me" was used as the theme song back in the late 90's for a science fiction show called 'Roswell', which my friends and I LOVED. Of course, with the show and with a feature on Eminem's song 'Stan', everyone wanted a piece of Dido and what she had to offer. 

The music industry struck gold when they released her first album, 'No Angel', in which 'Here With Me' was the first song of 12 tracks. Back then, iTunes was non-existent and internet downloading was explicitly illegal, so why not get the whole album?! It is still considered one of my favorite albums in my collection, because teens, young adults and adults could all relate to it. Even going to clubs back then (yes I was a club go-er) I would hear the 'No Angel' remixes, she was everywhere!

What makes a song/album a good 
Haunting Love Story??? 

Living the solitude side of a broken heart makes for a great piece of inspiration. In this song's case, what was once there was so great and wonderful that by accepting the TRUTH and REALITY, one would have to wake up from that beautiful dream, the essence that brought LIFE to the lonely heart. Not only is the other half missing, we don't know if there was a break up or if they're just away for the day, which is what keeps "Here With Me" that much more interesting. 

Though as much as Dido pours out her heart and soul, she's still able to keep herself in tact despite the pain, her vocals carry it all...the pain, heartache, happiness and glee of the what she once experienced.

The calling of the 'missing' is what makes this song the great start to an unforgettable, haunting and heartbreaking album.

An absolute MUST for everyone's music collection!

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