Friday, April 25, 2014

Felicity (Part 1)

Oh Felicity

How I've missed this show ever since it ended in 2002. Thank goodness for the DVD series so I can continue my love fest whenever I need her in my life.

Actually it's been a couple years now that I've made it a point to go through the full series TWICE a year from beginning to end. Of course every time I watch it, it's almost as if I'm watching it for the first time. 

In case you're unfamiliar with Felicity, here's what you have to look forward to:

The story of 1998 high school graduate Felicity Porter begins with the question that most 17 year old teenagers normally ask themselves while receiving their diplomas on stage,

 "What's next??"

In comes Ben Covington, a teenage boy with whom she spent the last 4 years of her high school career wondering what he was like yet the closest she ever came to being in contact with him was when she took his blood as a donation while volunteering at a blood drive.

The mystery of his being always kept her interest until she FINALLY asked Ben to sign her yearbook at graduation. He took his time to write a message that would change Felicity's heart and mind for the rest of her life.

Instead of saying goodbye to Ben Covington that day, she asked him where he was going to go to college and as he answered, 
"New York...what about you?" She replied, "Uh that's pretty unclear!" 

Much to her parents dismay, she followed her heart and decided to abandon her scholarship opportunity at Stanford University to follow Ben to New York and attend the University of New York. We follow Felicity on her journey of self discovery, love and the ability to make mistakes in order to find her voice in the little world we call LIFE.

I have to tell you, because of Felicity, I learned what being an artist is really like especially when you have to face the world with raw emotion. She paves her way through New York with the most sincere passion that only a true artist can have, and as a young adult would have it, she leaps before she thinks twice when it comes to her decisions. Her parents are her constant battle within every year of her growth into womanhood and yes, all they want to seem to do is shelter her from the cruelty of the world yet they always find a way to make it about themselves, where at one point, Felicity is ready to fend for herself.

On her downtime instead of blogging, much like we do in today's world, Felicity mails tape recordings to her good friend Sally Reardon, where they fill each other with their deepest thoughts ranging from personal feelings to quests that allow them to see the results of their actions, whether right or wrong. Brave souls are usually those who are not afraid to make LIFE happen for them, and these two are TWO PEAS in a POD.

Meanwhile her feelings for Ben make her so vulnerable that with every fight, every tear and every  whispered greeting she makes the conscious decision to please him only to make sure that her heart is as soothed as the touch of his lips. Deep down inside, Ben can't be without Felicity and Felicity can't be without Ben, no matter the circumstance! This is heart wrenching EVERY SINGLE TIME! So many people can come in between them and yet they always find each other at their weakest moment only to solidify what deep feelings they have for one another.
They seal it with their whisper greeting:

(Soft Whisper)

(Soft Whisper)

What makes Felicity so great???

It's message of becoming your own individual, of NOT being afraid to break the rules to make your LIFE better, and most of all, the ACCEPTANCE of being human! Felicity thrives in the imperfection of the soul and daggers the question of what makes the heart have its humility. Nothing speaks more highly than the love one has for LIFE, and along with Felicity, you'll find that her friends and even her college experience will make you want to ask yourself,

"Why on earth did you do that??"

Simple...because that's LIFE.


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