Saturday, April 12, 2014

Satisfied.. Conviction Of The Written Word

The written word always gets to me especially in the form of poetry ever since I discovered my love for music when I was a child. 

Since I can remember, I've always paid attention to lyrical content when listening to a song. They say words can have a thousand meanings especially when the emotion is sung with conviction

When I was in choir we had a few days to learn our songs and especially our vocal arrangement to make it sound as clear and crisp as the wind. Then when I started singing on my own I actually had trouble staying on key and portraying the conviction let alone deliver what goosebumps a simple love song can give you. So I decided to take vocal lessons to allow myself to get re-introduced to my ear and start listening to myself instead of blending with a group of individuals. 

That was when I started to collaborate with a guitarist and started singing melodies to lyrics that I had written myself in the past few years, and suddenly, my ear was able to absorb and portray 
the conviction of the written word

Every heartache needed it's own tear jerking note, while every smile needed it's uplifting vocal run, and every band-aid needed it's own healing melodic whisper. 

This is why I'm a big fan of Jewel
Ever since I heard "Who will save your soul" back in 1996, I've been addicted to her voice and what it has to say about her heart shattering lyrics. I always looked at her liner notes about what inspired every song on her albums and tried to catch every live performance she gave on T.V. To date, I continue to love her written word and her vocal ability! 

Bringing me to her 2010 country hit, 

The beauty of this song is the fact that the message is put in such simple terms, 

"So did you say it
Did you mean it
Did you lay it on the line
Did you make it count
Did you look 'em in the eye
Did they feel it
Did you say it in time
Did you say it out loud
'cause if you did hun
Then you lived some
That feeling inside
That's called satisfied"

The human heart can live in regret due to not having the ability to be able to speak up.
 LOVE is one of the only words that can be portrayed as a universal action and yet it's one of the  most complex and endearing words in the English language. If it's LOVE you desire, it's as easy as ordering a meal at a restaurant, you have to speak of what it is you're looking for. It's a conviction that has an endless meaning and has the ability to do whatever it is you want it to do. 

Afraid of it???

Don't be...just go one step at a soon as you're able to speak the TRUTH from your heart, you'll see that the reality of it all lies in the amount of strength your words contain. 
If you can write LOVE, then you can also speak LOVE, it's that satisfying.

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