Friday, January 16, 2015

Beauty Starts with US #BLQBeauty

Beauty Starts with US

Having started my career 14 years ago there's so much I've learned along the way, yet only ONE aspect has remained very clear to me:

Beauty starts with US as individuals.

We choose what we want to look like especially when it comes to showcasing ourselves to the world. With the help of hairstylists, make-up artists, estheticians and manicurists to guide us through the path we have desired, they help us create and manifest the image and persona we want to become.

The whole idea of becoming our own image is so we are able to experience different areas of our personalities that we've haven't gotten to explore just yet. 

Some of us now would never have imagined ourselves looking the way we do though because we've been assured and have trusted our beauty advisors that we would look great, we're exposing some of our best images and angles to everyone who encounters us today.

I've always said to my clients that it's a 50/50 partnership when looking in the mirror and loving the new and improved 'YOU'. We were both able to achieve it together.

The inside is what makes US whole, 
and together, 
we can reach the beauty that starts with US.

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