Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Color outside the Lines...Look Outside the Box

When following rules, we must abide to only color inside the lines, for it's customary not to go outside those lines or even go outside of your daily box.

For years what I thought to be the right thing to do, the right way to see the world, the right way to experience LIFE only made it lack an ingredient, nothing was shining. 

There are and will ALWAYS be two sides to everyone's story:

-->Staying inside the box


Going outside the box<--

I played inside the box, and my heart wanted to burst and communicate to the world that there was something else out there. There was nothing more suffocating than to be confined and be labeled someone you're simply not. So I started adding a bit of color and started looking outside the confinement of choice.

I say 'confinement of choice' because I CHOSE, I was old to enough to know what my world would be like. Adding color seemed to help, it added an extra push of development. Then I took color to a whole different level...I ran with it and made it into something I didn't know could even exist.
I made my own shade.
I colored outside the lines and I began to add texture. Now that I've done so, I can't go back to exploring inside the box and stay inside the lines. I was afraid yes, yet the shade of fear isn't for everyone, especially not me. 

Staying inside the box taught me discipline and benevolence...
and going outside the box taught me desire and creativity...
4 aspects I never would've learned had I not challenged myself to 
color outside the lines and look outside the box.

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