Friday, February 27, 2015

We Still Made It

Ever look at a situation you've been working on and you want it to prosper in it's own way yet you just seem to be stuck??

When it comes down to it, you have two options...

Keep making a breakthrough or end it...

What will it be??

Choices are based on us one else. You can point a finger, yet, it's not going to make anything better. Either way, it's time to OWN it and accept the actions that are to come. 

Making a breakthrough will build resistance, will make you look at your character and allow you to see what others see from their perspective, and it will become one of the greatest tasks you've EVER endured.

Ending it will cause reflection, resentment, and questioning of your own mind and will make you go crazy IF you decide you made the wrong choice. 

ONE thing both of these CHOICES have in common is that whatever path YOU decide to go in, be PROUD that you came this far! You and the person involved made it this far, you chose strength and confidence to continue to move on with or without eachother.

Failure belongs nowhere near the human heart and it for sure doesn't belong where CHOICE is involved. 

LIFE is full of will make the BEST CHOICE for YOU and those around you...until then, know and be proud to say,

"We still made it!"

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