Friday, June 1, 2012

<--The Control YOU CAN'T Have-->

Controlling your own destiny, controlling your own LIFE, controlling what you say, controlling what you do, controlling what you wear, controlling who speaks to you, controlling the future....

All of which, 95% of what I just mentioned you CANNOT control, you just have to

The first thing we want to do for ourselves and for our lives is control our daily minutes from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep at night. They say that you are the way you are because you're controlling your own path, which is true, although, how much of it do we actually have STEADY control of and not MANIPULATE the decisions we are faced with??

By MANIPULATING choices in our lives we are MANIPULATING the outcomes to actually WANT them to come out the way we would like to see them to. Which in the end, what is it that will stick around in our lives? Is it going to be the MANIPULATED outcome or that of the STEADY control outcome? Also, which one will allow us to be real in our everyday state of mind?

It all sounds complicated, yet, it comes to this:

While were able to control our eating habits, where we go, our sense of direction, and what we do with our lives overall, we are NOT allowed to control what IS and what ISN'T supposed to be for us in the present and/or future. There really is no explanation for this uncanny rule of regulation, and even when we use our abilities of MANIPULATION, we'll see the outcome sooner or later, either way, the UNIVERSE has it's way with what IS supposed to be for us at that very moment. 

If you really think about it, what is it that really drives us at times to want to MANIPULATE an outcome? Is it really worth it?

These days, the response I hear a lot of is"...because my Happiness depends on it!"...well, if its that important, then why not strive for happiness? Why not take the proper steps to get to the point where we can GENUINELY be happy instead of cheating ourselves of the growth that is necessary? many questions, so many different answers, 
remind yourself that the control YOU can't have isn't necessarily 
a bad thing, it's untouchable for a reason...
for you to GROW,
and the control you CAN have is there as a tool to help you TRUTH.

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