Thursday, June 28, 2012

A "Foolish Game" were you?

Musically, when you hear the words, "Foolish Games", what do you think of?


My answer exactly!!

The song which was her third single off of her debut album, "Pieces of You" in 1997 became the break-up anthem in the late 90's for those who mourned a lost love. It's a great song, just like the rest of the break-up love songs out there, and the video in itself was quite dynamically interesting in a very rare artistic form. It sucks to think that just 4 years later, I would identify with the song lyric by lyric, yet, for some reason, it wouldn't make me cry (thankfully).

LOVE can make you feel all sorts of things, as we've previously discussed openly on the blogs. Once broken up from a love that meant so much though,  it makes you have ALL this rage, all this pain and energy that you've never felt while IN the relationship. Afterwards, after you give up feeling rage, you get melancholic and start adapting cloudy days, rain, and even dead plants to what is now left of your heart. Kind of like what Jewel describes in the first 2 lyric lines of the song:

You took your coat off and stood in the rain,
You're always crazy like that.

Jewel in "Foolish Games" describes this lost love of hers as a person who wouldn't care what they looked like, would do odd and peculiar actions and would be in a whole different relationship with himself than that of the person who was right in front of him. It almost seemed like he was too smart and too transparent for his own good. Usually, they say, "Opposites Attract" the same time, they can repel off eachother and explode. 

"Thoughtless Words" is used in the chorus of the song, and most often times than not, "Thoughtless Words" are what we tend to hear when trying to make sense out of a loveless relationship, in Jewel's case, these 'Thoughtless Words"that were being expressed were the ones breaking her heart. 

When one side is unable to hear and unable to express what is truly the pinnacle CORE of their LOVE, it all falls apart...making it seem effortlessly to NOT want to be where they've settled. Where a change has now been set in motion, making both sides wilt with despair, rage, and anger.

Was it all a waste of time? Was I the only one investing time and effort? Did I break my own heart? Should I have accepted what was in from of me?

All these questions ran through my head time and time again. Although I refused to believe that I was living and/or playing "Foolish Games"
Until the TRUTH settled in. 

The one and only time having fallen in love and to know that it was ALL
"Foolish Game" was an eye opener, an experience
and most importantly an enchanting way of appreciating LIFE.

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