Thursday, June 14, 2012

When ALL else comes Undone

Ever tied your shoelaces and within minutes they come untied for no apparent reason? 

Then you tie them up again, and again within minutes, there they go again...frustration sets in, and you say to yourself, "Third times a CHARM!" Until....yeah you get the point. 

Well, that's how unraveling LIFE can become on a daily to monthly basis. We work to create a better LIFE for ourselves and to make things "simple" and NOT "complicated". Somewhere in there with LIFE though, curve balls are thrown in and we tend to either catch them, get bruised, or ignore them. The longer we ignore them, the more "untied" we get with LIFE. The more we get bruised by them, the more damage we cause ourselves, and the more we catch them, the more sense yet the more labyrinths we have a need to go through to get ahead.

EVERYTHING comes at a cost, whether it's time, patience or even just having good 'ol fashioned faith, everything comes at a price. I see so many people wanting to take free rides on others' expense, wanting to get ahead without them having the ability to catch or even get bruised with their own curve balls. What makes US greater people is by spreading the word as to how to knot up your shoelaces properly without having the risk of having them come untied in a matter of minutes, instead make them last a whole day or two without causing ourselves grief. 

Usually we feel the domino effect when one thing tumbles on top of the other, then for each of us (at least for me) the sky begins to crumble slowly but surely. The thing we tend to forget at times is that we are MEANT to sometimes tumble, and become untied with what comes next. It's virtually and physically impossible to ever have LIFE stacked up one thing after the other and not expect anything to fall. 

Perfection DOESN'T exist, no such thing, what DOES exist is IMPERFECTION
Can IMPERFECTION become something beautiful? 

A broken object, a smeared painting, a stained jean, even a scrape on your skin...IMPERFECTION is caused by a tumble, which came from a bruised curve ball, and was thrown off when we first became untied

I wouldn't have my career if it wasn't for a tumble, I wouldn't have my train of thought if it hadn't been for my laces ALWAYS becoming untied, I wouldn't have the LOVE I have today inside me if I hadn't caught my curve ball and bruise so badly that it nearly destroyed me.
 MY experiences definitely prepared me for the upcoming future.

I'm not saying to become undone for your LIFE to change, because that isn't it at all...I'm saying to GO with LIFE when ALL else comes undone. Some things aren't meant to fix, our human side doesn't need to fix anything, if anything at all, go with the frustration, go with the untied shoelaces, go with the curve balls, and most importantly, GO with the tumbles. I promise that it'll be worth the battle and worth every setback, for there ARE reasons for setbacks, just means were not ready to be given what we can't handle. 

When ALL else come Undone,
Go with it!

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