Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The X-Factor: Boot Camp Jitters

The vocal competition reality shows are back on! The tension and nerves of these contestants are shakier than ever too!

I was able to catch the first day of Boot Camp for the X-Factor tonight and in case you haven't heard, the judging panel are as follow:

L.A. Reid
 Record executive, Producer, Songwriter
Britney Spears
Recording Artist
Demi Lovato
 Recording Artist/Actress
Simon Cowell
 A&R executive, television producer, television personality

Pretty intimidating panel if I do say so myself!

After the open casting auditions the show held nationwide, it's now time to dwindle 120 acts to 24...yes 24!!!! Can you imagine the vibes and emotions backstage?!

Now what I love about this show for one, is the fact that they were able to get Britney on board. In my opinion she has changed and transformed the way we see Popstars today. Is there anything this woman hasn't done?! She's done it all, conquered all, and on her way to even greater success. 

Secondly, I love the fact that there's no age limit and even groups can audition, that makes for a more interesting plot. 

Now on this episode, each act was called up one by one to audition for a second time in front of the judges and eacchother, whether they were on point or not, there are 4 different judges with 4 different opinions, pleasing 3 out of 4 them is what these acts really need to do to move forward to the next round. So many great and talented singers and a lot of them that I personally liked weren't able to move on and yet a lot of them did make the cut. It breaks my heart to see any of them cry, at the same time, in these kind of competitions, you have to expect ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

Song choice is everything in these competitions as well as keeping your nerves under control. It's hard to see a lot of them break down during their auditions and are so hard on themselves afterwards. As an audience, we tend to say, "Oh really??? WOW yeah you're done! Get out of there!" What we lack to remember is the fact that even the greatest of stars have had their meltdowns and even forgotten their lyrics onstage. The only difference between them and these contestants is the fact that they have someone solid in the industry that believes in them and backs them up. Even THEY have had their cries that we don't get to see (in a way that's a good thing). Performing in itself is harder than what it looks to be. 

For ANY contestant on X-Factor, The Voice and American're BRAVE to put your gift out there for the world to see and judge, if you don't make it to the end, 
keep it going! 

DREAMS are only impossible to reach when you don't extend your hand.

Let's see what the rest of the X-Factor boot camp brings!

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