Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feel so much...We cannot say a word

Today, as I was listening to "I Will Remember You" the Mirrorball live version by Sarah McLachlan on my phone, and as I was peddling my calories away on the bicycle at the gym, my mind was only amplified that much more as Sarah's voice filled my ears with so much interest as to what LIFE can often give us as we LIVE day after day.

Every week is a different week for us as individuals and some weeks are better than others, just as some days are also better than others. One never knows how much CHANGE can really affect us until it comes and bombards us with shifts, shakeups and a bit of a rumble. All the while, working in the professional world, we are meant to not let it affect us and especially in our overall outcome in our work...hence why when I heard Sarah sing the lyrics, 

"It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word" just hit me! Being HUMAN just is a task and a half!

Now you might be saying to yourself, "Was he really listening to Sarah McLachlan while working out in the gym?" I sure was! When inside I'm battling decisions and trying to make sense out of the rumble of CHANGE, truthfully when I listen to Sarah McLachlan her message as a singer-songwriter just makes everything clear and I'm able to make sense out of the mixed emotions I have building up inside. 

I do have my upbeat mix in which I normally work out to, although today was a different story and as I ACTUALLY do take my own advice, I went OUTSIDE of my comfort zone and listened to a set of songs from an artist that I admire when in my down and chill time.

My message for everyone today is simply this:

The times when you feel like there's a lot on you and you can't make out where to start making a move, just step back and look upon what makes you clear your head and think about what goal in mind you would like for YOURSELF and not please others, for in the end, it'll be YOU who will reap any consequences and/or benefits. It may seem like a tornado has hit your mind, although when stepping back, it all becomes clear enough for you to start CLOSING doors and make a move, whether it be wrong or right, let the UNIVERSE have it's way.

"I Will Remember You" really opened my eyes today to a whole new avenue...a BIG thank you to Ms. Sarah McLachlan!

P.S. On a musical note, the Latin Grammy Awards are tomorrow at 8pm PST on the Univision Network (check your local listings).

I just wanted to wish REIK, a great TRIO of individuals, lots of LOVE and CONTINUED success as they are up for 2 Latin Grammy's tomorrow night, already having received the prestigious award in 2009. GOOD LUCK guys!!

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