Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The art of the "Unfair" Syndrome

Being "Thankful" isn't enough for many these days, especially when it comes to having lost something, someone, or in the process of losing in their life. Just as tomorrow is NEVER promised, NEITHER are the things that at one point get granted to us. To understand that NOTHING is forever is not a subject or topic that our minds can comprehend in a certain amount of days, months, or even years, truthfully and quite frankly we can't put a number on it because our hearts and minds work and comprehend at a different rate, what the heart may understand the mind at times simply cannot and vice versa. 

I've heard and dealt with lots of the following topics that are seemingly "Unfair" to many in the past month:

-->Near broken and/or already broken relationships 

-->Lack of Material possessions 


The world is a cruel one as we speak, although, please see that even being alive and having what you already have around you is enough to get you through your hard times. In lieu of mourning the loss, think of how you're able to wake up day after day and are willing to maintain a sane outlook on what can actually become a burden

Those of you morning the loss of a loved one, I'm very sorry about your recent and unforeseen incident. My heart goes out to you and know that if anything, by talking through the pain, you're allowing yourself to build on your healing. Take your time in healing without letting the dark thoughts consume you, always have someone beside you to catch your sense of being.

Those of you whose amorous relationships are on the rocks and/or ending, LET IT BE what it shall become. You hold on to what's not supposed to be a part of you and you will be experiencing a internal backlash, one that clearly doesn't belong to you. Manifest your energy to those whom you've been holding out on, those whom deserve your every smile and happy thoughts. It's never too late to regain your positivity by letting go of what doesn't belong to you anymore and believe me, IT'S FOR A REASON.

Those of you whom are unhappy in your lives and wish for better things to materialistically receive, please enjoy what's left of your personal intimacy. To be able to appreciate and love oneself is an art, it is an ability to keep going and keep seeing the same goal you've always had for yourself. To be able to manifest and create a masterpiece, one must put their best attribute to work and make the best piece of artwork the world has ever seen, for there's ONLY 1 of what you can do for the right reasons.

Yes, LIFE is unfair, that I recognize and will tell you that at one point it feels good to complain and throw away ALL hope. Although, Loss and Unhappiness can and will result in you having mastered  the art of "Unfairness", yet, remember to be upfront with yourself and know when to understand LIFE for what it is...a TRUE BLESSING, especially when helping yourself and someone else see through those dark clouds and into the light.

Be an example of 
not one of 

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