Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Place...a Paula Deanda Vocal Flavor

Back in 2005 when I was creating hair for the girl band La Conquista (at the time signed to Q Productions), I remember being told about this young up and coming singer named Paula. A young 15 year old singer with a voice to fill your heart, soul and give you the chills as you heard her smooth vibrato. With the fresh and girl power look I was creating for the girl band, they thought I would be a perfect fit for the young Paula to be able to collaborate with her and create a signature look for her. 

Later I remember shopping at Target and seeing her self titled album Paula Deanda on the shelves, and thinking to myself, "Well, she's beautiful already, what would I be able to offer her?" So then I bought her album to listen to it and was BLOWN away!
 Clive Davis definitely signed a gem! 
Fast forward to 2007 when I was preparing La Conquista for a 3 day promotional tour in Miami, FL for which they would film 9 shows in 3 days and I would be in charge of their flowing long locks. Right before though, as the bassist of the band, my good and trusted friend Cecy, was looking for her wardrobe at the mall , she stumbled upon Paula and her Mom and had a conversation in which Paula had complimented her on her hair, which I had just finished the night before.

 Next thing I know, I get a phone call from Cecy telling me that Paula wants to know if I had an opportunity to do her hair that same day for a performance taking place that very same night? I was so nervous I had Cecy come with me for support in case my hairstyling chops sucked, after all, Paula by this time was Pop/R&B's Princess and rising! The rest is history.

Now forward to 2012, and Paula and I have collaborated on many of her projects, live performances, and her artistry in the music business. Not only do I consider her ONE of my top 3 favorite singers to listen to, she's a great friend who treats everyone around her with love and respect and has yet to give me a "Diva" moment. Which is why when she releases new music, I love spreading it everywhere so that the rest of the world listens and understands her passion and artistry for the music itself.

This year she's released a series of cover songs that contain the melody of the original song along with "Paula-Penned" lyrics that make you want to hear more! Just this past weekend on November 3rd, 2012, she released a new original song that exemplifies what her ability truly is, her vocal prowess and passion for R&B music.

"Your Place" talks about the desire of a woman's heart to let her love interest make the next move in their relationship, and once the move has been made, she'll fulfill his and her every need and collaborate on their love. I have to say that when first hearing Paula on her debut single, "Doin' Too Much" at age 15, she took charge of the song's obsessive message back then, and now as a woman at age 23 with "Your Place", she confirms her heart's self assurance in letting the man in her life know that she's the IT woman for him.

What I love about this track is the pull that her sweet soultry vocals give. Her higher range hits you at the right moments without having to overpower the smoothness of the melody behind her. This is the feeling that every woman waits for when she's ready for her man to take over, she's confident and strong in knowing what she wants and needs. 
Paula delivers just that!

Well, I'll let you all be the judge and listen to the latest and greatest...
"Your Place" 
by Paula Deanda
(Click on the Link)
P.S. Happy 23rd Birthday Ms. Paula D! <3

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