Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hunger Strike

 This song brings back so many fond memories for me being that it's one of my sister Mari's favorite song. Everytime it comes on the radio or on the iPod, we get so nostalgic!

If anyone is a fan of the Rock Groups Soundgarden and/or Pearl Jam, then I'm pretty sure you've heard this amazing collaboration between both lead vocalists Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. They actually have a full album of this material which is self titled  
"Temple of the Dog"

With Hunger Strike as the 1st single to launch the album in 1991, it quickly caught the ears of ALL the genre's out there in the music industry. I have to put this in that it helps even more that BOTH lead vocalists are sexy sounding and handsome men to begin with, so even more appealing they were and STILL are.

Hunger Strike is a political statement that Chris Cornell at the time had been seeing in the world, all the injustice in food distribution, mainly all the wealthy had it all while the poor were going hungry, where by far, this can be applied in ANY country and in ANY situation. 

Political statements are very difficult to express especially because EVERYONE has an opinion and EVERYONE wants to jump on you once you open your mouth, whether right or wrong. In reality it's not about making a right or wrong decision, it's about making it an EQUAL and JUST decision in LIFE in general. 

 I genuinely feel that when a Political Statement is put into song, it goes farther and it allows ANY audience to perk up their ears and listen, Temple of the Dog in my opinion did just that! Take it from me, I was only 8 when this song came out, and it was on repeat in my house on the radio and on MTV.

RACE, GENDER, SEXUALITY, OPPORTUNITIES, HELP...ALL of these topics require EQUALITY...we have so much in the world that requires our full attention and all we can do as individuals is keep each other in line and instead of attacking one another, let's TALK about how we can join forces in making this world and OTHER countries a better foundation 
no matter the drift. 

Let US make a Difference and be HUNGRY for CHANGE!

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