Sunday, December 30, 2012

As 2012 CLOSES...2013 OPENS

2012 began with a new outlook on continuing the residual effects from 2011...I can actually say that 2012 had a more mature look overall than any of the other past years.

I was able to take 2 vacations this year and let me just say that the last time I took an actual vacation was 3 years ago, so these 2 getaways were well planned and I was definitely able to relax, sleep and enjoy the Coronado Island and San Francisco scenery!

Mid year one of my best friends, most of you know her as DQ, had pitched the possibility of her and I actually start filming ourselves and talk about our Hair & Make-Up endeavors and start showing the public what it takes to do what we do...which is done with Love and Dedication! So after many months of deliberation on my behalf, I agreed to start a bi-weekly filming of what is now called, "Queens in the Studio" featuring DQ and BLQ. Since our August debut on our own YouTube Channel, we've had 1,353 views on 26 videos and 18 Subscribers!! We thank everyone for making this project a true success!! We have more to come as 2013 get's underway!!

The past 4 months I've had to deal with harsh truths, people coming out with their true colors, and rude awakenings in my career path as well. For some reason it's always surprising to me that whenever you give yourself fully to someone or something, there always has to be this line that get's crossed and unfortunately puts everything into shambles. Yet again, everything DOES happen for a reason and as much disappointment it can bring my heart, as long as there's life, there's the power of healing and moving forward. I can have my 5 year old tantrums although they won't get me anywhere, so in the end I had decided to continue on with LIFE as it comes and leave those who chose not to come along for the ride behind and let their direction take them wherever they chose to go to.  No hard feelings y'all just move on.

I learned the value of my craft and learned the ability to give the best of my creativity to not only my hair and make-up services, but those around me who needed a shoulder to cry on. I've always said this, I get the best outcomes with ANY project I'm involved in if I center myself in the issues and somber moods of others, for some reason it makes for a better smile and warms the heart in the end. You might make me cry a little but it's all worth it I promise!

Once upon a time I was afraid of change, I was afraid of many things because I was weary it might alter my future in such a drastic way that I wouldn't be able to recognize myself anymore. Well this is the 4th complete year since I've let go of that fear and I can say that it's been the easiest thing I've done and I'm glad I've continued on. Change can ONLY bring new opportunities in LIFE and it sure has shown me a different way of living and thinking.

Closing the Holidays in 2012 have been a whirlwind and a great eye opener for sure! I was just commenting today to a friend of mine that we've lost some great people this year, although we've also gained many new arrivals in each and every one of our lives. As I begin every new year, I look at what I'm able to take with me and what I'm willing to leave behind. I see it as such a healthy way of continuing to accumulate NOTHING BUT THE BEST for myself that way I'm ready to go when someone needs me in any way shape or form. 

2012, you've been great! Thank you for EVERYTHING I've learned and EVERYTHING you've shown me...I now know what you were ALL about! Closing the door now......

2013....Let's OPEN you up and BEGIN

Happy New Year my friends!!!


  1. What a wonderful year! You have prospered so much this year!thank you for all your perfect hair this year and an amazing shoulder to cry on;-)

  2. Thank you love!!! It's all about making you guys shine and making y'all look amazing!!! Thank you for our wonderful talks and crazy laughs!! Congrats on ALL your 2012 achievements as well <3 <3 <3