Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Long Journey to Closing a Door

Feel stuck in LIFE?

Close a Door.

Feel a BIG Blah with nowhere to turn?

Close a Door.

Feel like you need a BIG PUSH?

Close a Door.

As we live LIFE everyday and every year, actually near the closing of every year is when we start to value what we STILL haven't done, rather than what we've achieved. Humanity has a lot to learn about itself especially when it comes to valuing accolades, achievements and personal progression.

So much we can instill in one another that we neglect what POSITIVES outweigh the NEGATIVES. TOO MUCH time is spent on the name we have yet to create for ourselves instead of the ripple effect we've stamped here on Earth and how many lives we've already affected. Due to the increasing volume of Reality Television, our lives lack privacy and the need for PERSONAL STRUGGLE. In other words, it's OK if everyone doesn't know what were going through, what were all about on the inside, as long as we get the task at hand done, that's all that matters. 

STRUGGLE is needed to reflect on what our strengths and weaknesses are, it shows our capabilities and above anything our need to begin a new journey. 

If you're looking at LIFE and making it hard to complete your current task, then maybe it's time to close ALL other distractions and continue on focusing your energy on what really would make you happy and willing to excel in.

A NEW year can bring new opportunities and a new outlook, although if any distractions continue, it will only be worse and make you that much more confused in your abilities to help yourself and others.

Now that were closing on 2012, remember and take into account what POSITIVES you've learned and have been wanting to continue on to make yourself better, and if there are ANY negatives to 2012, make sure you've taken them into consideration and as simple as this act is, 

Closing a Door is simply that, you have no time to dwell on the past, you've learned from it's peace offering, and you're moving forward. 

"CATCH MY BREATH" by Kelly Clarkson is the PERFECT "Close the Door" anthem, just listen to what she's done in the past and what she's looking to do in the upcoming future.

Close that Door my friends <3

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