Thursday, December 13, 2012


So much can be said about this word, and I myself have said quite a bit in the past 2 years about my own personal ups and downs with FAITH...this time, I'll give you the "Will Power" of what it takes to have FAITH in your lives.

FAITH is anything BUT negative. Many people out in the world will always make it known that FAITH is just a figment of your imagination wanting to get close to something so bad that you invent it in your head that there's something more out there, when there really isn't. In any case, when FAITH is being put to the test, we forget that it's actually us who make FAITH work in our favor because we're trying to prove it wrong every second we have to gratify our selfish human egos. 

Please understand that FAITH is that of its most importance not just when we need a miracle to happen, rather everyday that we get another opportunity to live. You don't have to SEE FAITH to believe it, even though we do everyday, instead, FAITH is usually measured by our strength in understanding the unknown. Now "preachy" or not, one way or another, you're going to have a battle with what the TRUTH is in LIFE. Yet that's the ultimate GIFT that's been bestowed upon us, which is the power of FREE WILL, being able to believe whatever it is we want to believe in, whether influenced or having it be a natural gut instinct. 

FAITH is the art of believing WITHOUT having to see it in front of you. Just like when were wanting to accomplish the unexpected, we have our loved ones say to us, "I believe in you! You can do it". That's exactly what FAITH is, having the ability and strength to believe in the unknown. So if it's that easy for us to have FAITH in one another, why is it so hard to have FAITH in a higher power that looks at everything we do? Simple...we get scared at the thought of having someone whom we don't know see everything that were doing because it feels like an intrusion..although in the end, we wouldn't have LIFE without this higher power, firsthand I can tell you, in my honest and true opinion, we're NOTHING without HIM

No matter what age you're at, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 or beyond, it's never too late to discover FAITH...all it takes is a bit of self discovery in knowing what path is best for you to grow in a positive and uplifting way. If you still haven't made the effort to know what FAITH is all about, just look around you and see where you're at in LIFE, and ask yourself, "How was it that I've come this far?"..the rest is up to you at your own pace. 


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