Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Continue...Without You

This week has been a somber one where the news has been filled with so much loss, and as we keep losing people, losing loved ones, it's only fair to ask how can we continue with LIFE without them in it to make a considerable positive difference? 

Everyone's different in the way HEALING works, in the way our hearts make themselves better, in the way we each pick up the broken pieces...yet the only way were ALL similar in these type of  situations is when we're  ready to move on. I speak a lot about moving on because at some point or another we ALL have to cross that bridge in order to make our lives full of love once again. 

When we cut our chains of hurt we can especially understand the need to become fulfilled once more and know the WANT of becoming whole. That doesn't mean we are to forget our past and leave those that are no longer with us in the timeless space of nothing, though its quite the opposite. We can move on with our experience of loss and only get better within ourselves in order to help those whom we will be encountering in our future going through what we've been through already. Take the past, learn to gain more than just sorrow and tears, and allow there to be room for growth in more ways than one. 

As humans we can't expect to always gain and never experience loss, whether by natural causes or sudden tragedy. We must be equal with LIFE as it comes. As angry as we can become and want to tear everyone around us apart, we must deal with the reality of  learning how to continue with our loss. How? As only I have learned to put it, ONE step at a time. 

Grieving is there for our us to learn from and become aquatinted with, we can only be as good as we are to become if we go through the motions of the soul. I myself have needed to learn that it takes steps and it takes time to understand the healing process...maybe not now, although at one point or another, we'll be able to continue with life in front of us with our past inside of our hearts

My deepest prayers and love to ALL 
who are in their time of need <3

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