Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: A Year In Review Part. 2

In summertime I was busy juggling my multiple projects as well as my 3 jobs and trying to have somewhat of a personal life, as well as trying to stay cool while blow drying in the heat!

At this point, I had taken my vacations with one of my best friends to visit up North in Spokane, Washington to see and spend quality time with one of my other best friends. It was a much needed trip for all of us and I was loving the amazing scenery and weather of Spokane. My heart was in need of some Mother Nature!

 Right after, my then 2.5 year old niece Sophia had her first dance recital! Loved it so much and she did such a great job! My good friend Teppy had gotten married to her lovely husband Ray, and a beautiful wedding it was! I was also planning and funding my 30th Birthday Party along with my Sister-In-Law Lauren and with the help of my friend/personal assistant Ilda

Now when did I sleep...well, hardly ever! My nights at this point were consisting of 3-4 hrs. of sleep a night, suffering from severe insomnia and complete numbness on my right middle finger.


 I believed by this time, I was in full treatment mode with my consistent Acupuncture treatments by one of my co-workers in Glendale, Tina, and her mentor Doctor, Dr. Akopyan, who continues to treat me in present day. With nothing having worked and going crazy by my lack of sleep and numbing, I needed an outlet and a treatment that would make me LIVE again and make me strong mentally and physically. I've gotta tell ALL of you, Acupuncture is amazing! If you're ever in the Glendale area and are in need of some well deserved R&R, Dr. Akopyan at the Total Wellness Center will take care of you! 

By the time my 30th Birthday Party in September rolled around, I was in full bloom and in good spirits to celebrate my 5th year of living a HAPPY LIFE (at the age of 25 I made a pact with myself to break all negativity and live happily). I had 72 guests in attendance to help me ring 30 and what a fun time we all had! For those of you who are still weirded out with me by not showing up, do yourselves a favor and LOVE LIFE, I hold nothing against you and neither should couldn't make it, and that's the end. Due to my birthday party, I had to forfeit my "Fall" vacation until "Spring" of 2014, though it was well worth it!

 October, November and December were a blend of work and personal negotiations. I was able to catch my good friend/client star in her 2nd Musical Play "Menopausea: El Musical" and let me tell y'all, Marabina Jaimes was a 90 minute powerhouse along with her 3 other co-stars! So happy to see them all soar! I met the handsome and talented Joey Fatone of *NSYNC in a comedy show he had hosted in Silverlake, Ca and of course introduced myself and offered my services to ANY future project where he might need a hair/make-up artist. Very down to earth and very inviting with his smile and personality!

On a personal level October had marked a year that my Mom (aka Mommy Dearest) and I had not spoken to each other. Truth be told she had wanted to get in touch with me in the 2 months following our October 2012 fallout. My Mom and I are such strong individuals that you can tell we love each other, though we're not a good mixture together. I have no ill will against her nor do I have any blame or guilt for that matter that has me straying away from her, I simply took a stand in NOT allowing people who are not happy with my LIFE choices influence my surroundings and have that energy floating over me. This has gone for most of the people I cut out of my LIFE this year, there's nothing I have against ANY of you, our time has simply expired and it was good while it lasted. I TRULY believe that we ALL have moments where we learn what we can from one another, and if we NEED to move on, then it's time to move on. I'm not proud of how my relationship is with my Mom, I do miss who she used to be and what she used to mean to me, though this time we BOTH made it hard for each other to TRULY appreciate one another and ACCEPT our hearts. My love for her is still there and so is my presence should she ever NEED me by her side. Unfortunately we both found out that were better at a distance than being in close range of each other, and that's O.K...for now at least. 

Overall, 2013 had me experience multi-tasking many opportunities, had me work until 1am on some nights (no joke) and also experience AND balance the loss of my beloved Godfather, the miscommunication and distance from my Mom, and the closing of doors to MANY I thought would appreciate my friendship and vice versa. ALL of this has served a greater purpose, and without a doubt, NONE of this could've been experienced without the undying LOVE and SUPPORT from GOD himself and those who are closest to me

Where there was a closing door, another window opened, and where there were tears, there was a "Ray of Light and Hope" waiting to capitalize on the future. We're meant to go through ups and downs to see how strong we are, to LIVE TO TELL and most importantly, to believe in something else other than ourselves...for if you think that you've survived another year all on your own, guess again...with GOD and FAITH, in ANY shape, way and form, ALL is possible and ALL is LOVE!

Here's to 2014 everyone!
Happy New Year!

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