Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The NEW Current and Up and Coming

For a while there it seemed like dance music was taking a back seat with artists like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and ke$ha all taking some time to record new material while Adele, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift were dominating the music world with their versions of their past break-ups in their love lives.

Well 2013 definitely proved to be a come back not only for Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and ke$sha, we've had a couple new artists to add to that roster who not only made a splash in music, they've proven to have legit fans who want them to stick around for years should they want to make music for a living. 

Lorde, Fifth Harmony, and Cody Draiken 
have made 2013 theirs and their fans are NO joke!

Lorde just made her 2013 music debut with "Royals" climbing from the underground scene, this 17 year old Florence and The Machine-esque artist made sure everyone was listening to the new self proclaimed "Queen Bee". From New Zealand, all the way to the U.S. and as fast as running water, she was appearing on the music charts and performing her hit on the daytime talk shows as well as in the dance clubs with "Royals" becoming a remixed certified hit! 
Lorde sounds like a mature woman and is ready to take the music scene on without fastening her seat belt, for she has managed to score 4 Grammy nominations for the upcoming 2014 56th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony. Way to go!

Fifth Harmony follows the footsteps of One Direction, Leona Lewis, and Cher Lloyd for they are all prodigy's of the contest show The X Factor. Having placed third in last year's U.S. X Factor (mentored and signed by Simon Cowell himself), this quintet girl group have certainly proved that they not only have the X Factor, they definitely have what it takes to re-define the friendship and love for future girl groups. Having auditioned separately as solo singers, Simon and hist team of judges all agreed to form this girl group knowing that their voices and image would sell and speak to millions out there in the music world! 

Just in 2013 alone, they're first single "Miss Movin' On" debuted at #76 on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart, they're "Better Together" EP debuted #6 on the Billboard 200 and #2 on iTunes album charts, and have already toured with British X Factor alum Cher Lloyd and are ready to tour with Demi Lovato in 2014
I'd say Fifth Harmony is here to stay! 
Congratulations little ones!

Cody Draiken is that artist that blends the sex appeal of a modern day Pete Burns (Dead or Alive) with the vocal equivalent to a male Britney and ke$ha. Having released singles in 2013 for a taste of what this innovative artist has to offer, his full LP "Dress Classy, Dance Nasty" is everything the underground club scene is ready for. Whether you go for the girls or for the guys, Cody has no boundaries for his music speaks volumes and to whomever it should please. This LP release date is only weeks away (January 8th, 2014)  and is definitely going to become a FAST sell for the new 2014 music scene. Songs like "Club Bang Her", "Ouija Board", and "Moaning Lisa" will have you in check as you dance to the groaning sounds of this male driven exposed vocal while hits like "Dress Classy, Dance Nasty" and "Young People Revolution" have what it takes to get you "achin" for Draiken!

 With 38,000 Followers on TWITTER alone and 26,000 Followers on INSTAGRAM, watch out ladies and gents Cody Draiken is on the prowl for 2014 will be his rise out of the underground!

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