Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dreaming Of You

The very natural part of LIFE of having the heart grow fonder can be as heavy as having to breathe with a ton of bricks on top of you. 

Nostalgia and becoming melancholic are two of the most POWERFUL sentiments that the human heart and mind can ever feel and actually AGREE to connect upon. Of course as we get older we seem to experience more of them quite often, though while were living in the moment, we create the memories that allow us to DREAM.

ANYTHING is possible when we DREAM.

A week ago I was traveling from L.A. back to the Temecula area at night and while listening to KOST 103.5 FM "Love Songs" at night, the simple and sweet melody of Selena's 1995 crossover hit 'Dreaming Of You' came on and all of the sudden my body went into a shiver of goosebumps!

Hearing her voice brought back so many memories of my childhood, especially the one of me sitting on my stomach in front of the radio at night and reading the 'Dreaming Of You' sleeve booklet as I kept pushing track #5 over and over again until I memorized the song by heart. Night after night I would repeat the process for the next couple months, and even when my Dad would pick me up to go back to his place, there I was with my 'Dreaming Of You' album in hand and ready to play in the car for the long ride back to L.A. Obsessed much???
 No, I call it the beginning.

I was able to introduce so many of my friends to Selena through that song, and even to this day, many of them remind me that they remember me with my favorite Selena album and how much I would talk about and sing it. It's amazing to me how one song can create the beginning to one of many dreams.

I've ALWAYS been a dreamer, ever since I can remember. As many times as I've had the door slammed shut in my face and have been told that 'NO' was the final answer, backing down is a trait I don't often practice, for where there's a will, there's a way. Even in times when my mind couldn't do anymore but shut down, my heart was the one that kept going and wanting to find an answer, something so that at least I could finally say, "I tried"

Distance between 'Dreams' is healthy, you just have to know and choose which ones you wish to make into a reality. We live to make things happen, to be an example for ourselves and especially so that others can see that given the strength and dedication, ANYTHING is truly possible.

The courage to create and design a DREAM makes everything worthwhile especially when you're able to capture the moment when you see it come to LIFE. 'Dreaming Of You' was exactly that for me, I was able to capture the beginning of my many dreams.

 "Be strong minded and always think that the
 impossible is possible."
-->Selena Quintanilla-Perez

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