Monday, January 10, 2011

Ever After- How can I relate to Cinderella?

I remember watching the movie "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore and Angelica Huston back in 1998 by myself in the movie theater, I was meeting one of my friends there but he chose to watch another movie...go figure!

As this movie was going on, I was so intrigued by the acting and how amazing this was turning out in real life form in comparison with Disney's version of "Cinderella". When the movie came out a year later on VHS I saved up my allowance to buy it (back then I payed $18.99) My mom thought I was crazy and obsessed with it! Little did she know that I was and still am obsessed with "Ever After"!

In "Ever After", Danielle de Barbarac is the Cinder girl that is a peasant slave in her own home to her stepmother Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent, and her step-sisters Marguerite and Jacqueline. She finds herself meeting Prince Henry as he's simply "borrowing" her father's horse to run away from his Kingdom. He's disoriented by the apple that Danielle has thrown at his forehead to knock him down and barely see's her face when he get's up as she's bowed to him due to her being a commoner (person below the  Royal Hierarchy). He then runs into Danielle again as she's dressed up as a courtier (person who's in attendance in a Royal Court) to save her friend's life from being sent away to the America's for harsh labor. As Prince Henry tries to remember Danielle, she gives him her mother's name, Comtesse Nicole de Lancret, thinking that this is the last time he'll ever see her. Yet after much time he's spent with Danielle, running into her and taking her on escapades, he learns of her real name and status thanks to Baroness de Ghent and Marguerite at the Masquerade Ball where he is to announce his Royal Engagement. He refuses Danielle for her lying to him, even though he truly loves her, and is convinced he is to marry a REAL princess, and not a the end, Prince Henry goes in search for Danielle to ask her hand in marriage, for she is his TRUE love...and so he slips her missing glass slipper that she left at the Ball and she cries from pure joy and accepts! Did they live happily "Ever After'?

How many times have we not been in Danielle's position? Where we are so afraid to come to terms with who to let in our hearts and when the right time is to let others love us for who WE are and NOT by WHAT defines us. By living happily "Ever After", we must work hard at out relationships with communication, truth and allow ourselves the opportunity to, as Danielle says, "Breathe...just breathe".

"Ever After" has a real meaning of what it means to reach the level of TRUE LOVE, as Danielle and Prince Henry both went to find themselves in the world and found each other, the TRUTH was what really brought them together, their heart's desire! One of my favorite quotes comes from this movie:

Danielle in conversation with Leonardo da Vinci:

Danielle:"I have deceived him, how can I face him?"
da Vinci: "Because he deserves  to hear the truth from the one he loves..."
Danielle: "A bird may love a fish Signore, but where would they live??"
da Vinci: "Then I shall have to make you wings!"

Let's believe in living happily "Ever After" : )

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