Monday, January 24, 2011


What has 27 years on this earth taught me thus far? This is a look as to how this Busy Little Queen learned to LOVE, RESPECT, and HELP in a world where anything is possible and within our reach, yet it's all about...PATIENCE!

My Little Brother Christian's Baptism circa 1995
(From Left: My brother Jorge Jr., Mom, Christian, Me, and my sister Marisela)

When you know what you've always wanted is right there within reach, and you hear that little voice inside your head saying, "PATIENCE! All you have to do is wait..." Really!!!?

I have to say though, waiting does take a while but at the end of the day, it's worth it. My firm belief  that by waiting and having PATIENCE, were able to grow into our own individuality and see how much were able to take before we reach or breaking point.

Time and time again, in my profession of hairstyling, I really have to be patient with all the rules and reservations my clients have about the way they would like to look. Time and time again, in my personal life, I have to see what works and what doesn't so I won't take on too many things all at once. Time and time again, I have to know what's within reach before I over extend who and what I really represent.

I was taught to LOVE, RESPECT, and HELP others in need, for tomorrow NEVER promises anything. This is probably the reason why I have no trouble listening and helping others when they're in a time in their lives when they have to unload all of their worries. My mom was first in line when I used to live with her until I was 18. I used to hear all about her work, co-workers, why she felt sad, why she was angry at times, her confusion with life etc. (in my teen years we also had a 30 min commute to my high school, so I never really had a choice), nevertheless, my mind would always be thinking about how there always needed to be a solution, rather than continue with the everyday issues of life. Every now and then, I would have my own troubles and my mom would try to give her input, yet, it was always a biased one due to her always wanting to protect me (it was only natural, I'm her son!). The funny thing though is that she also taught me how to never judge someone or a situation (even though she would judge mine), yet she wanted me to put myself in "their" shoes and determine what would be the next proper step. This is where the LOVE, RESPECT and HELP came in the picture. She knew my passion was always there and often wondered how sensitive I was to others in need, and usually, one learns by example, so I wanted to do what my mom always did in her situations. At the same time, she always wanted me to be careful with whom I helped and if they wanted my help. She couldn't bear to see me getting hurt. You know that saying, "Momma knows best", well, she sure knew how to make it a point of letting me know what was the best choice for the best outcome!

Now, this doesn't mean that it never backfired, cause everything in this life at some point backfires in order for us to live and learn from it, yet, never meant for us to take it for granted. In our own relationship, it's gone thru highs and lows. My mom and I have been close and have taken time away from each other. If anything, at one point having spent almost 2 years of not having any contact with each other, we were able to be at ease and not have to do anything we didn't want to do, more or less, what we were meant to do, LOVE, RESPECT and HELP. I'm happy to report that my mom and I follow these 3 simple words and put them into action, for this is the only way our PATIENCE will grow for one another and our current and future endeavors. We still have our moments, but not nearly as much as we used to.

In today's world, anything can be given to us and everyone can promise us the lives we've always wanted, yet, would it hurt if we simply had PATIENCE and spend time to learn that much more about ourselves? Why don't we use this formula and see what happens:


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